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When Learning SEO We Can’t Forget About Website Bounce Rates

How does your website bounce rate help or hurt your SEO? Lets hear what our SEO tutor says about bounce rate.  Bounce rate is a big problem for businesses and their websites, who lose customers because they cant keep them on the website long enough to convert into a lead.  When learning how to do [...]

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Best Backlinks For Digital Marketing, Web Design & SEO Companies

If you work for a marketing firm the best leads of course come by way of referrals from happy customers.  The next best lead source is when they are looking for digital marketing agencies online and they find you.  Getting backlinks from marketing directories help you get found online easier so follow along and learn [...]

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SEO Training For Copywriters – Write Right For Google And People

Are you a copywriter and are looking to create better search engine optimized content for your clients?  Creating good search engine optimized articles, page content and blog posts are easy if you start with the right approach.  The wrong way to approach copywriting for SEO is to try to write an article and then add [...]

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10 Steps To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for 2019

For local searches Google now features their Local 3-Pack listing that is above Google organic listings. So of course those are the ones getting all the clicks. It is a great equalizer for small businesses trying to rank in their town if they know how to take advantage of it. These days If you are [...]

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Using A Search Engine Optimization Training Company To Improve Your Online Presence

How often do you find yourself researching a local business only to turn up nothing more than an address or phone number? For potential customers, this can be very off-putting; customers want to know more about your business, your hours of operation, and see photos and reviews before they commit to doing business with you. [...]

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Rank Higher On Google With Long-Tailed Keywords And SEO

When you're in business, your marketing presence should be focused on more than just a pretty face, it should also be a lead generation tool. You do not have a website just to have one or go to trade shows just to be there, but you should use these marketing channels as a way to [...]

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How To Optimize Images For Google My Business

Geo-Tagging Images Helps With Google Search Traffic Many businesses that utilize photography heavily will already recognize the term geotagging as the process in which a digital photo is labeled to contain the location where it was taken.  Besides copywriting for SEO, image optimization is the next step to getting a page to rank for [...]

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How Personalized One on One SEO Training Classes will Help Your Business

Every business owner understands the necessity that a website is for his or her company – in the modern world, the need for a website has become inevitable. However, any business owner who has partaken in the process of creating and managing this website will also tell you that as crucial as a site might [...]

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SEO Class Training Tip – Manually Geotag Photos For More Google Visitors

Many businesses that utilize photography heavily will already recognize the term geotagging, it is the process in which a digital photo is labeled to contain the location where it was taken. Data included in this meta field will often contain the photo’s latitude and longitude as an origin point the photo was taken. What very [...]

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What Is The Best Way To Learn SEO? One To One Of Course

Are you a small business owner looking to get your website found by more people? At 1ON1 SEO Training, we offer one on one training for all your SEO needs, either in person at my Naperville IL  location, your office if you are in the Chicago area, or online anywhere in the US using GoToMeeting. [...]

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