Technical SEO Training

Unlock the Power of Search Engines with Comprehensive Technical SEO Training

Ranking high on SERPs is crucial for business success. But simply creating compelling content isn’t enough. You need a website that search engines can easily understand and navigate. This is where technical SEO training comes in.

Bruce Jones SEO Coach & Trainer

Bruce Jones

author of Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

1ON1 SEO Training's Technical SEO Program offers a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to optimize your website's technical structure.

Led by our master SEO trainer, Bruce Jones, our technical SEO training dives deep into the foundational aspects of technical SEO, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of how search engines crawl, index, and rank websites.

Bruce Jones is a published author, SEO scientist, and digital marketing professional with twenty years of experience. He founded six SEO companies and continues to provide resources in technical SEO training today.

1ON1 SEO Training offers two one-hour sessions of On-page SEO training.

What Will You Learn In Our Technical SEO Training Program?

Technical SEO Training Fundamentals

We’ll establish a strong foundation by covering core technical SEO concepts, including website architecture, robots.txt, and sitemaps. You’ll learn how these elements work together to guide search engines through your website and ensure they can access all your valuable content.

Crawlability and Indexing

Delve into the critical aspects of crawlability and indexing. We'll explore how search engine crawlers navigate your website, identify potential crawling issues, and learn strategies to ensure your website gets appropriately indexed.

Website Optimization for Speed and Performance

Discover the importance of website speed and performance in our technical SEO training. You'll learn best practices for optimizing code, compressing images, and leveraging caching mechanisms to deliver a fast and user-friendly experience for visitors and search engines.

Accessibility for Everyone

Accessibility is no longer an afterthought when you’re done with your technical SEO training. We'll discuss the importance of creating a website accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. You'll learn about WCAG compliance and best practices for building an inclusive online experience that benefits users and SEO.

Interactive Learning and Real-world Applications

1ON1 SEO Training's technical SEO training goes beyond traditional lectures. You'll actively participate in knowledge checks and hands-on assignments to solidify your understanding. Through personalized feedback from Bruce Jones, you'll gain the confidence to tackle technical SEO challenges specific to your website or projects.

Who Should Enroll?

Our technical SEO training program caters to a broad range of individuals seeking to enhance their SEO skillset:

Beginner and Intermediate SEOs

If you’re new to SEO or want to solidify your understanding of technical aspects, this program provides a structured learning environment to establish a strong foundation.

Digital Marketers

Understanding technical SEO is essential for any well-rounded digital marketing professional. This program equips you with the technical knowledge to collaborate effectively with SEO specialists and ensure your campaigns are built for success.

Business Owners

Even without prior SEO experience, business owners can benefit significantly from this program. A basic understanding of technical SEO empowers you to make informed decisions about your website development and ensure your online presence is optimized for search engines.

Investing in SEO Expertise With Technical SEO Training

By enrolling in 1ON1 SEO Training’s Technical SEO Training program, you’re making a strategic investment in your digital marketing career. This program empowers you to:

Improve Website Rankings with Technical SEO Training

A technically sound website is more likely to be crawled, indexed, and ranked higher by search engines. This program equips you with the skills to optimize your website for better visibility in search results.

Increase Organic Traffic

Higher rankings lead to more organic traffic. This program provides the knowledge and tools to attract qualified visitors to your website and ultimately convert them into customers.

Boost Conversions and Revenue After Completing Your Technical SEO Training

Organic traffic from targeted keywords can significantly improve your website’s conversion rates and generate valuable leads and sales.

Ready to Take Your SEO Skills to the Next Level?

1ON1 SEO Training’s Technical SEO program offers a comprehensive and practical approach to mastering the technical side of SEO. Join us and gain the knowledge and skills to build websites that look great and are optimized for search engine success.



Welcome to the exciting world of technical SEO! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer seeking to expand your skillset or a web developer looking to bridge the gap with search engine optimization, this comprehensive program equips you with everything you need to master the technical side of SEO.

Recommend and Implement Effective Strategies

Gain the knowledge and confidence to suggest and execute technical SEO tactics that significantly improve your website's search engine visibility.

Optimize for Crawlability and Indexability

Understand the factors that influence how search engines navigate and index your website. Learn best practices to ensure your valuable content is readily discoverable by search engine crawlers.

Prioritize User Experience and Accessibility

Craft websites that cater not only to search engine algorithms but also to a diverse range of users. Discover how accessibility best practices enhance SEO efforts while creating a truly inclusive online experience.

Mastering the Core Components of Technical SEO with Technical SEO Training

Under the expert guidance of Bruce Jones, you’ll embark on a journey through the foundational pillars of technical SEO:

Sharpening Your Skillset

This program delves deeper, equipping you with practical skills to tackle common technical SEO challenges:

Crawl Budget Management

Learn to analyze your website's crawl budget and identify areas for improvement, ensuring search engines prioritize crawling your most valuable pages.

Robots.txt Mastery

Gain the expertise to understand and craft well-structured robots.txt files that effectively communicate crawl instructions to search engines.

Building a Robust Site Architecture

Discover how to design a logical and user-friendly site architecture that facilitates search engine crawling and user navigation. You'll also explore internal linking strategies to connect your web pages effectively and distribute link equity.

Sitemap Creation and Submission

Learn how to create and submit well-structured sitemaps to search engines, providing a roadmap that guides them to all your important content.

Canonicalization for Consistency

Master the concept of canonicalization and learn how to implement it to avoid duplicate content issues that can negatively impact your SEO performance.

Structured Data Implementation

Discover the power of structured data and how to effectively add and test it on your website to enhance search engine results page (SERP) listings and improve click-through rates.

Accessibility Auditing

Learn to conduct comprehensive accessibility audits of your website, uncovering areas for improvement and ensuring you're catering to a diverse user base.

Mobile Performance Optimization

Understand the importance of mobile-friendliness and learn strategies to optimize your website for optimal device performance.

Site Security Fundamentals

Understand essential security measures to protect your website and enhance user trust, which can indirectly benefit your SEO efforts.

Leveraging Powerful SEO Tools

This program goes beyond theory. You'll learn how to apply your newfound knowledge through hands-on exercises and gain practical experience using industry-leading SEO tools: In-depth application: We'll explore how to leverage the functionalities of these tools to perform various technical SEO tasks, ensuring you can confidently tackle technical SEO challenges in real-world scenarios.

Ready to Unlock Your Technical SEO Potential?

1ON1 SEO Training's Technical SEO program is your gateway to mastering the technical aspects of SEO. Enroll today and embark on a journey that empowers you to build websites that look great and are optimized for long-term search engine success.