Learn SEO:
Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

It’s Bruce Jones’ first of many other upcoming books and course materials on search engine optimization. After nearly twenty years of leading one successful SEO campaign after another, Chicago-based SEO consultant Bruce Jones is ready to reveal the groundwork of SEO from the lens of an SEO scientist and inbound marketing specialist.

Book Learn SEO
Econoprint of Lexington

Bruce is a great training instructor! He knows what he's doing when it comes to SEO. I left every meeting with a plethora of actionable "homework" items and SEO tips and tricks. I came into the first training meeting with a shaky knowledge of what I was doing, and I'm leaving the course with confidence in my abilities and actual, viewable results from the time he spent working with me to make my site more SEO friendly. SEO is ever-changing and I'll never be "finished" with my site, but I feel much more prepared now (and the fact that I'll have him as a resource to fall back on is even better)!

Devin Beech – Online Marketing Manager
Realty One Group Dockside

Bruce has help me with my website tremendously. I have seen the change in my site and the ranking going up very fast with his Technics and his recommendations. I don't have enough words to thank him for all of his help! Thank you again Bruce!!!

Mayra Zayago – Real Estate Agent
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Search Engine Optimization is an extremely complicated and intimidating thing to learn and use. That said, Bruce has a great way of explaining and simplifying things so that you can actually understand and it becomes very interesting and almost fun. I cannot thank Bruce enough for the wonderful classes he has provided me!

Jackie Pilossoph – Creator and Editor-in-Chief

Best SEO consultant I've met, and he's right here in Naperville. Bruce is a search engine optimization expert and takes the time to come up with an SEO strategy that's right for your business, while explaining the reasons for every decision. He takes the mystery out of SEO and is a truly helpful business partner.

Steve Lovisa – Marketing Director
Grow Wellness Group

Bruce has been an exemplary provider of our online presence expansion and optimization with SEO services and coaching. He has been tremendous in his desire to first understand our goals, and then help us along the way in achieving them. He is highly responsive, professional and makes sure to deliver as much value as the client is willing to receive. When working with Bruce, it has felt like he is a member of our company's team based on how intimately he focused on our business and needs. We would highly recommend Bruce for any SEO work and training services in the greater Chicago area, and we will be continuing to utilize his high impact services in the future.

Adam Ratner – Therapist / Counselor
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"Bruce has been an invaluable resource in getting my business off the ground 7 years ago. His expertise in SEO and his no-nonsense method of teaching me how to do my own SEO have been one of the major keys to my success. There was no way I was able to pay the big dollars SEO companies wanted to charge me to do SEO for me. No one knows SEO training better than Bruce. If you want fast results from your website this is the place to come. I am not web trained in anything, I would have never figured this out on my own. Yet Bruce patiently and thoroughly showed me the ins and outs of SEO over time. You'll be amazed at the low hanging fruit, and the simplicity in making your website work for you. You will see results if you follow the SEO training from 1on1 SEO training"

Keith French – CEO & Commercial Photographer


Learn SEO explores the critical framework supporting every SEO campaign. While the common idea of SEO is mainly focused on keyword research, Learn SEO provides a completer and more comprehensive picture of what it takes to make an SEO campaign work in the Age of Assistance and significant algorithm updates like Google’s Helpful Content Update.

Rediscover SEO how it was meant to be applied—carefully, systematically, and with an eye on the prize. This book gives you the primary set of tools to pave the way for much bigger and more ambitious SEO campaigns for the longevity of your business.

Create a Real SEO Strategy Like the Pros

You can only create a simple SEO strategy if you understand the overall market better. Digital marketing is not just about creating a pretty website or impressive landing pages. The content that goes into those pages is guided by the precepts of search engine optimization and by analytics.

Learn SEO will show you what to look for, where to look, and what to do with the information during the strategy phase of your campaign. It's much easier to adapt to market conditions when you know why customer behaviors turn out the way they do.

Understand What Google Is Up To

Google continues to be the most dominant search force, and that will not change any time soon. Of course, there are other players in search, but none can compare to the reach of Google across the regions. Therefore, it's essential for any SEO practitioner or professional to understand why and how Google functions. Google's search page may not have changed for many years, but what happens behind the scenes is something else.

The book has an entire section devoted to the significant algorithm changes and how they affect websites. So, instead of working backward to discover what went wrong, know the most significant changes in Google search and prepare accordingly.


Be an Expect Content Strategist

SEO professionals and business owners inevitably contend with the need for better website content.

Whether you're doing on-page SEO or off-page SEO, you need content to post. Content is the soul of SEO. It's where all your strategy goes into action.

Business directory listings require accurate content with the right keywords to benefit your website. Therefore, part of the SEO effort is knowing how to research content and generate it for your website.

Learn SEO goes one step further and turns any regular SEO practitioner into a content marketing expert.

Content marketing and SEO work so well together that if done correctly, it's almost impossible to spot the difference. That's because reliable content marketing can be part of an SEO campaign and vice versa.

Not many people know that SEO is an inbound marketing channel. But, like Transformers, it can "transform" existing campaigns with its wealth of insights and methods.

If you're ready to take your SEO to the next level, you need to learn SEO and how big digital marketing agencies do it. The knowledge is there for the taking; you need to apply it and reap the benefits.

Perform Keyword Research Like an SEO Pro

When starting search engine optimization, many people first learn keyword research, among other SEO skills. But how do the experts do it? Learn SEO shows keyword research in a different light—from the perspective of expert inbound marketing. Discover a step-by-step method of determining which keywords matter the most, how these figure into the SEO and larger digital marketing equation, and how to organize them into topic buckets. Keyword research only works once it translates to content. We take care of both the keyword research side and the content marketing side in one swoop. In the end, you get to be your SEO boss, and we can’t wait for you to re-envision your website through the lens of genuine search engine optimization.


Start a Link Building Campaign

You’ve probably already heard of the significance of backlinks. While there are many places to get backlinks, you still need to plan how to generate them and, more importantly, why. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the proper function of backlinks.

The backlinks are a plus for SEO purposes (from the algorithm’s point of view). Still, a much bigger picture certainly matters for a website’s future: building authority, branding, and generating a bigger audience for the business.

The links alone may not carry the business from point A to point B; the SEO strategy will do that for the link-building campaign.

Building backlinks is a continuous process of improving a website’s online persona, and it’s also an excellent way to establish a desirable and reliable network. There are also so many ways to generate great backlinks; guest posting is just one of them.

Learn SEO reveals a time-tested template for navigating the wild frontier of backlinks. In the end, you know exactly what to do, and you’re an informed client in case you hire an SEO agency or SEO consultant to work on your website.

Learn SEO:
Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

Book Learn SEO

start your seo journey and become your own expert.