I took a few weeks collecting and testing all the free SEO tools on this list. Many of these are considered the best free SEO tools in the market. Surprisingly, not all tools are made by the largest SEO enterprises or providers. Many tools are brainchildren of passionate SEO practitioners who can translate their needs to free SEO tools online. If you’ve been looking high and low for free SEO tools download or Google free SEO tools, you have arrived in the best place for these tools. So, get your free SEO tools for a website right now. Explore one or explore them all. See which ones best fit your needs. Feel free to share this list of 100+ free SEO tools.


Free website tools investigate the ability of Web pages to rank well in search engine results pages. Today's top free SEO tools can give precise and valuable data on backlinks and keywords and insights into online SEO competition.

For example, monitoring the domains is critical for SEO specialists and web admins. Free SEO tools for website analysis can provide updated data on entire markets, making it possible for SEO consultants or SEO specialists to make informed decisions about updates or changes to existing SEO campaigns.

If you are just learning about search engine optimization, a reliable list of free SEO tools can help you achieve more in a shorter span, rather than just making educated guesses on which direction is best for your current optimization efforts.

When you require higher user limits, more user seats, higher functional capacities, enhanced functionality, saved data, download availability, more extended history or look-back functions, or on-call help in SEO, premium or paid SEO products can be invaluable. However, a free tool will suffice for 75% of other jobs.

We want to concentrate on just the most helpful and most practical SEO tools to add to your toolkit because hundreds of free ones are available. Many professionals in the SEO community vetted the SEO software in this post (see the note at the end). A tool must fulfill three criteria to be considered:

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Best Free SEO Tools: Keyword Tools

Keyword tools help you discover the most prevalent search phrases that pertain to your website and the ones used by your rivals. In addition, these tools assist SEO professionals and users in determining the best approach to generating content and targeting specific terms for different activities and goals.

Keyword tools are helpful for SEO efforts and paid ads, though they are more valuable if your goal is to generate targeted traffic for your website. Websites that generate sales primarily through organic search traffic will benefit from better keyword research. The more innovative the approach to keyword research, the higher the value of the content you produce for users.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Great keyword tool Chrome and Firefox extension. (now paid) This is still my go-to keyword tool and does not cost much for a subscription.  Here is where you buy Keywords Everywhere credits after installation.

Logo of Keywords Everywhere, a Free Keyword tool logo

wms everywhere

WMS Everywhere A Keywords everywhere lookalike but free.  It looks like it works pretty well.

Logo of Whats My Serp everywhere, a Free SEO tool for keyword

Answer the public

Answer The Public  Aggregated view of the questions asked to Google & Bing. Sometimes off-target keywords, but what do you want for free.

Logo of answer the public, a Free SEO tool

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg Another free keyword tool, you can import lists and export 20 results.

Logo of keyword keg, a Free SEO tool

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout Displays what your articles are about on their keyword cloud.  Suitable for a first glance

Logo of Wordtracker, a Free SEO tool


LSI Graph Generate a list of semantically related keywords and best-performing content.

Logo of LSI Graph, a Free SEO tool

Google Trends

Google Trends Compare one keyword to another over time.  I have used this tool to win my case on what keywords to focus SEO efforts on more than a few times.

Logo of Google Trends, a Free SEO tool

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder Uses Google's autocomplete API to find many keywords.

Logo of Keyword Finder, a Free SEO tool

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter As described, output a big pile of related keywords but nothing else of value.

Logo of Keyword Shitter, a Free SEO tool  An alternative to Google keyword planner.

Logo of Keyword tool, a Free SEO tool

Merge Words 

Merge Words Takes words from 3 lists and merges them into one.  These days Google can find out what a topic is about; you don't need to be an exact match.

Logo of Toptal Merge Words, a Free SEO tool

Cognitive SEO Keywords 

Cognitive SEO Keywords  Analyze keywords and get suggestions.

Logo of Cognitive SEO logo, a Free SEO tool

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords Grow your SEO keywords from suggestions from your friends.

Logo of Seed Keywords logo, a Free SEO tool

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker Remember to write for people, not SEO, don't overoptimize.  Just make sure you do include the keyword.

Logo of Webconfs logo, a Free SEO tool

Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer: Add a webpage that suggests keywords (free trial).

Logo of Text Optimizer logo, a tool opitimize texts


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Free Website Tools: Keyword Rankings

It's all about following best practices and providing a positive user experience regarding SEO, but how do you assess SEO success?

Keyword ranking tools help track a business' or website's targeted SEO keyword searches might reveal what consumers are looking for in your sector and where you appear in search results. The position of your website in search results for a particular keyword query is referred to as keyword rankings. Your ranking URL would be the content shown for that keyword search when a person searches for that term. A single web page might be ranked for various relevant search terms and phrases.

The search results differ depending on what Google considers relevant for that specific search query or phrase. In most circumstances, sponsored search advertising will appear in the header and occasionally at the bottom of search results. When conducting a local search, Google Maps listings will appear just beneath sponsored ad listings.

When you're searching, you've undoubtedly noticed that search results vary depending on what you're looking for. This is because Google has become increasingly adept at displaying relevant search results in a straightforward and user-friendly manner that "answers" the question as fast and effectively as possible. The way the results are shown varies, and they are all optimized differently.

SEOlium Rank Tracker

SEOlium Rank Tracker Recently launched Google Rank Tracking tool that works great.  A free trial can last for years if your ranking needs are modest.

Logo of SEOlium logo, a Free SEO tool

Small SEO Tools Rank Checker

Small SEO Tools Rank Checker Check rankings of up to 10 keywords at a time.

Logo of Small SEO Tools, a Free SEO tool Logo

Hoth Rankings Tracker

Hoth Rankings Tracker Check 10 keywords ranking daily.

Logo of Hoth Rank Tracker, a Free SEO tooltool logo

Can I Rank 

Can I Rank Explains the opportunities and benefits of ranking for specific keywords.

Logo of Can I Rank, Free SEO tool

Free SEO Tools Online: Backlink Tools

For a decent rating, backlinks are also necessary. A backlink is a link from another digital property directed to yours. Sites with a lot of traffic might help you get more visitors to your site. Your rating is also influenced by the number of connections your site receives from other websites.

You will need proper backlink tools to monitor your website and examine your competitors' backlinks, too.

Any link-building technique boils down to the same: get connections to your site from authoritative sites you don't own. Are you unsure how to go about it? First and foremost, you should be aware that it is not simple. You must seek out difficult-to-find possibilities while keeping in mind that your rivals are doing the same.

Practical backlink tools can help uncover such opportunities. For example, consider the gold rush: those with the best picks and shovels had the highest chances of finding gold nuggets.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker  Free version of Ahrefs' backlink checker tool. I use this all the time to identify competitors' backlinks and then get a link there.

Logo of Ahrefs, Free SEO tool

Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler  Fast backlinks and a lot more info worth investigating further. 

Logo of Open Link Profile, Free SEO tool

Check My Links  

Check My Links  Chrome plugin to check pages for broken links.

Logo of Href, Free SEO tool

Search Queries

Search Queries for backlink prospecting.

Logo of Moz, a SEO resource

Guide to getting backlinks

Guide to getting backlinks Lots of great ideas for obtaining a good link or two.

Logo of Backlinko Link, a SEO resource

Help A Reporter 

Help A Reporter  Be a reference for reporters looking for answers.  You have to work at it to get success but it is valuable if you do.

Logo of Cision, Free SEO tool

The Hoth Backlink Checker

The Hoth Backlink Checker Nice tool to see the backlinks of your website or competitors.  Shows dofollow/nofollow attributes too.

Logo of Hoth Backlink Checker, Free SEO tool

SEO Check In

SEO Check In Large collection of backlink sources for blogs, videos, websites, and more.  You will find some good stuff here.

Logo of SEO Check In, Free SEO tool

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Free SEO Tools For Website: Image Optimization

Image optimization is an art that you should learn if you manage an online business. Because your product photography is a cornerstone of your online business, image optimization is crucial to developing a successful eCommerce website, from drawing customers exploring Google images to minimizing site load time.

Image optimization tools can shrink the file size of your photographs as much as possible without losing quality to keep page load times as low as you can. Image optimization is also about ensuring that product and decorative photos appear in image search results on Google.


GeoImgr Image geotagging, add GPS info to photos online.  Good if you have a few images to optimize.

Logo of GeoImgr, Free SEO tool

EXIF Editor

EXIF Editor  A program for download that allows you to edit EXIF data of images. You can optimize a group of images with this tool.

Free SEO Tools For Website Analysis and Audit Tools

A website audit examines page performance before large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) or a website redesign. If your website isn't optimized to meet your traffic objectives, an audit can help you figure out what needs to be done to enhance performance. Website audits often analyze a site's content and technical performance.

Therefore, an audit will allow you to examine the strength of your website's technological architecture and infrastructure, identify how search engine friendly your website is, and decide how simple it is for visitors to navigate and intuitively discover material on your website.

Website analysis and website audit tools can help you detect any missing SEO opportunities and correct any misdirected or poorly implemented SEO problems (e.g., keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text links, etc.) across the pages and content of your website.

Website audit tools also help website administrators refocus their SEO efforts on consumers first, followed by search engines. In addition, website audits help protect digital properties from changes in search ranking algorithms, which means you won't be engaging in questionable tactics only to be at the top of the SERPs


Ubersugest All in one site analyzer, backlink checker and keyword tool. Top Rated!  I hate to see the day this goes to a paid version, it is so useful.

Logo of NEILPATEL, that website analysis and audit tools

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup Checks major search engine optimization factors.

Logo of SEO Site Checkup,, that website analysis and audit tools


SEOability Website crawler with reporting on errors and SEO scoring. 

Logo of Seobility, that website analysis and audit tools

Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog Crawl websites and check many different elements. Program you install, great for exporting all page meta data and finding broken links.

Logo of Scre@ming Frog, that website analysis and audit tools

Website Grader

Website Grader Checks a few important factors like seo, speed, etc.

Logo of Website Grader, that website analysis and audit tools

Revive Content Ideas

Revive Content Ideas A tool that tells you what website content needs to be revised.

Logo of Animalz Revive, that website analysis and audit tools


WooRank Another tool to use to find errors on your site and make improvements.

Logo of Woorank, that website analysis and audit tools

Brown Seo

Brown Seo Allows you to view your website like a search engine does.

Logo of Browseo Logo, that website analysis and audit tools

SEO Resources

SEO Checklists 

SEO Checklists Lists to help you not forget steps during SEO campaigns.

Logo of Brightedge, a SEO resource

200 SEO Ranking Factors

200 SEO Ranking Factors Explore all of the things Google uses to gauge rankings.

Logo of Backlinko Link, a SEO resource

Periodic Table of SEO Factors  

Periodic Table of SEO Factors  Ranking factors displayed like periodic table of elements.

Logo of Search Engine Land, a SEO resource

Google: Algorithm Updates 

Google: Algorithm Updates List of major Google updates.  

Logo of Search Engine Land, a SEO resource

Google Algorithm Timeline

Google Algorithm Timeline  A timeline of major Google updates. If you have a site that stopped ranking a while ago, check the timeline.

Logo of Rank Ranger, a SEO resource


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Local Free SEO Tools

SMBs and larger enterprises can benefit from local searches. Local information is found in 46% of all Google searches, so if your business isn't optimized for local search, you might miss out on prospective clients eager to purchase in your region. In summary, local SEO is essential if you want your business to stay relevant.

We've put up a thorough guide that covers free SEO tools for local search marketing to assist you in optimizing your company for local SEO.

Local SEO is the practice of increasing the exposure of local companies in search engines, mainly those having physical locations. Businesses may enhance organic traffic from customer searches in neighboring locations by adopting local SEO best practices.

Local search engines depend on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to offer the most important local results to users. In addition, businesses may utilize local SEO to promote their products and services in front of local prospects and consumers looking for them.

AccurRanker SERP Checker

AccurRanker SERP Checker Free Google search results on any keywords anywhere. 

Logo of AccuRanker, Free SEO tool

Local Falcon

Local Falcon Get a grid showing where your GMB is ranking on Google Maps.  You can get a few searches for free, but the paid tool is potent. 

Logo of Local Falcon, Free SEO tool

Get GPS Coordinates

Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps.  Use this info to add to structured data.

Logo of EZ Local, Free SEO tool


SmartyStreets address validation tool ensures you use the correct street address everywhere.

Logo of Smarty, Free SEO tool

GS Location Changer 

GS Location Changer A Chrome plugin allows you to change your location and search Google from that spot.  Very useful to see where you rank in certain areas.

Logo of GS local Changer, Free SEO tool


Pleper A collection of Google My Business tools. GMB duplicate checker, GMB categories helper, and other helpful software for local search.

Logo of PlePer, Free SEO tool

GMB Everywhere

GMB Everywhere Shows all the GMB business categories of a listing on Google Maps.

Logo of GMB Everywhere, Free SEO tool

Local Search Resources

SMBs and larger enterprises can benefit from local searches. Local information is found in 46% of all Google searches, so if your business isn't optimized for local search, you might miss out on prospective clients eager to purchase in your region. In summary, local SEO is essential if you want your business to stay relevant.

We've put up a thorough guide that covers free SEO tools for local search marketing to assist you in optimizing your company for local SEO.

Local SEO is the practice of increasing the exposure of local companies in search engines, mainly those having physical locations. Businesses may enhance organic traffic from customer searches in neighboring locations by adopting local SEO best practices.

Local search engines depend on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to offer the most important local results to users. In addition, businesses may utilize local SEO to promote their products and services in front of local prospects and consumers looking for them.

Local Search Ecosystem

Local Search Ecosystem Graphic & info on how local SEO citation sources interconnect. If you can get a link at the sources you will save lots of effort.

Logo of Whitespark, a local search resource

Add To GPS Maps

Add To GPS Maps Resource that shows how to add your business to all GPS maps.  Each system is somewhat tedious so do the main gps maps first.

Local SEO Citation Sources

Moz Local Citations by Category

Moz Local Citations by Category List of SEO citation sources sorted by business types.  Good resource to bookmark.

Logo of Moz, a SEO resource

Yext Directories

Yext Directories  List of important business directories to list your site for local SEO.

Logo of Yext, a SEO resource

Bright Local citation list 

Bright Local citation list Nice list of dofollow and nofollow directories

Logo of Bright Local, Free SEO tool

Local Citations Checkers

A local citation is any online reference of a local business's partial or complete name, address, and phone number, also known as NAP data. Citations can be found in local business directories, websites, apps, and social media platforms. Citations aid in the discovery of local companies and have the potential to influence local search engine results.

Local citation checkers can help you find high-quality essential citations that can help you rank correctly on Google's local search interfaces. In addition, many citations may be actively managed by local companies to maintain data integrity.

You have access to hundreds of local citation sources. In principle, you could examine all the main citation sites by hand when performing a complete manual audit of your citations. However, there are just a handful of large data aggregators that you should look at. Big names like Facebook and Apple Maps are among them.

We've put up a thorough guide that covers free SEO tools for local search marketing to assist you in optimizing your company for local SEO.

Local SEO is the practice of increasing the exposure of local companies in search engines, mainly those having physical locations. Businesses may enhance organic traffic from customer searches in neighboring locations by adopting local SEO best practices.

Local search engines depend on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to offer the most important local results to users. In addition, businesses may utilize local SEO to promote their products and services in front of local prospects and consumers looking for them.

Moz Local Citation Checker

Moz Local Citation Checker  Check your online presence in common citation directories.

Logo of Moz, a SEO resource

Yext listing scan 

Yext listing scan Check business listing citations source accuracy. 

Logo of Yext, a SEO resource

Browser Extensions

It's impossible to overestimate the value of a good SEO browser plugin. If you want your website to rank on Google, you'll need SEO, and the appropriate extension may help you automate research and analysis, resulting in a more successful SEO approach. Unfortunately, with so many SEO extensions to choose from, marketers sometimes spend more time looking for the right match than receiving useful data. We've compiled a list of our top SEO browser extensions to assist you to navigate the congested world of SEO browser extensions.

Nofollow identifier

Nofollow identifier  Nofollow links on websites you view are outlined in red. I use this one every day.

Logo of No Follow, a SEO browser extension

SEO Quake

Nofollow identifier  Nofollow links on websites you view are outlined in red. I use this one every day.

Logo of SEO Quake, a SEO browser extension

Image downloader 

Image downloader Download all images from a webpage.

Logo of Image Downloader, a SEO browser extension

SEO Toolkit 

SEO Toolkit  Another extension showing seo results from pages viewed.

Logo of Essential SEO Toolkit, a SEO browser extension

Link Miner

Link Miner Check pages for broken links and social data.

Logo of LinkMiner, a SEO browser extension

Full Page Screen Capture 

Full Page Screen Capture A Chrome plugin that allows you to take a screenshot of a whole web page.  Great for reporting.

Logo of Go Full Page, a SEO browser extension

Google My Business Category Helper 

Google My Business Category Helper A nice collection of tools to help when improving Google My Business listings.

Logo of PlePer, Free SEO tool

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Google Free SEO Tools for Website Analytics

Website analytics may assist your site's SEO in a number of ways. Knowing your visitors' characteristics and preferences might help you generate relevant content and improve your search engine exposure. You may also learn more about backlinks by keeping track of your inbound links.


Statcounter Nice and easy to understand website analytics program. 

Logo of Statcounter, Free SEO tool


Clicky Website analytics with many features included.

Logo of Clicky, Free SEO tool

Google Analytics Annotation 

Google Analytics Annotation Take notes in Google Analytics timelines.

Logo of Context, Free SEO tool

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero Display what Google keywords were used to get to a page.

Logo of Keyword Hero, Free SEO tool


Databox Beautiful customizable reports, free for up to 3 dashboards.

Logo of Databox, Free SEO tool

Mobile SEO Tools

Do you have a mobile SEO plan for your business? You'll be neglecting most of your prospective consumers if you don't. That's a colossal mistake. According to the data, mobile is becoming increasingly crucial in generating leads and closing transactions.

In addition, Google is altering all its algorithms, including those for desktop search, to reflect the change. That implies that unless you align your SEO strategies, your website may become invisible in search results. Mobile SEO stands for "search engine optimization for mobile devices." It's the process of improving the ranking of your web pages in search engine results pages by optimizing your content (SERPs). The following mobile tools can help ascertain whether your website or pages are mobile-ready or performing well for mobile devices.

This procedure aids in the improvement of organic traffic, which is traffic that comes from search engine results.

While there are various search engines, Google is the most significant in mobile SEO. This is because it controls about 95% of the mobile search industry. In addition, mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches, and this trend is expected to continue. As a result, many of your target clients will likely access your material via mobile devices. They'll be able to accomplish that if your website's mobile SEO improves.

Mobile First

Mobile First  Identify problems with the mobile version of your site.

Logo of Zeo, Free SEO tool

Google mobile design checker

Google mobile design checker Is your website mobile friendly?

Mobi Ready

Mobi Ready Test websites on different mobile devices. 

Logo of Mobi Ready, Free SEO tool

Responsive design checker

Responsive design checker Test your site of different mobile devices. 

Logo of Midia Genesis, Free SEO tool

Blog Post Ideas

As for content research, keywords should be included in website content to match search queries. In addition, keyword placement in content titles, descriptions, and tags is vital for search engine optimization (SEO). 

To score well in organic SERPs, content must contain keywords and be compelling, relevant, and original. These characteristics are measured by complex algorithms, which offer Internet users the most acceptable web pages for their search.

Content marketing is much easier if you have access to specialized tools to help you generate blog post ideas.

Blog Topics Generator 

Blog Topics Generator Discover blog post headlines based on keywords.

Logo of Hoth Tools, Free SEO tool

A year's worth of post ideas 

A year's worth of post ideas Blog ideas with examples.

Logo of Appsumo, Free SEO tool

186 Blog Post ideas

186 Blog Post ideas Good topics to get started writing about.

Logo of Hubspot, Free SEO tool

Blog ideas

Blog ideas  A tool to get blog posts based on topics.

Logo of CoSchedule, Free SEO tool

Competitor Analysis

Examining how the top-ranking pages perform (and their most critical SEO aspects), including their use of specific keywords, is known as keyword competition analysis or, simply put, competitor analysis. Practical competitor analysis is impossible without using the right SEO tools.

The central idea of competitor analysis is to acquire a bird's eye view of what you're up against and what chances are available.

SEO has a primarily competitive element. You want to rank higher, pay less, and get the best return on investment. Knowing where you stand for your competition is one approach to do this.

What resources do you have available to you? How far have you come in terms of improving your rankings? What else can you do to outperform the competition without spending more money? When you properly examine these characteristics, you'll be able to identify golden keyword chances that will help you increase your traffic by leaps and bounds.

Competitor analysis SEO tools also enable you to identify high-return possibilities. Unless your keyword research has no rhyme or reason, you need to know which prospects will consume the least amount of your limited resources while providing the best ROI. These high-impact keywords may have modest search traffic yet still get the desired results.

The keyword landscape includes more than simply PPC competition. There are a variety of strategies to get around the fact that major businesses are all trying to dominate searches for a specific phrase. The basic message is that fierce competition from major companies should not be a deterrent. Instead, you can identify flaws in their plan that you can exploit with a careful investigation.


SpyFu Check competitor organic or Google ads keywords.

Logo of SpyFu, Free SEO tool

Keyword Spy 

Keyword Spy  Learn your competitors' most profitable Ad copies & keywords.

Logo of Keywordspy, Free SEO tool

Spy On Web 

Spy On Web Quick search for websites that belong to the same owner.

Logo of Spy On Web, Free SEO tool


iSpionage View competitors' best-ranking keywords, landing pages, and more. 

Logo of ISpionage, Free SEO tool

WordPress SEO Plugins

We're frequently asked what we think are the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools. Because most websites on the internet rely on search engines for visitors, this is true. Search engine optimization may help you rank better in search results and increase your business dramatically. We've compiled a list of the finest WordPress SEO plugins and tools for you to utilize. Because several of these programs have comparable features, we'll point out which ones are better for various scenarios.

Yoast SEO Plugin 

Yoast SEO Plugin Most popular WordPress SEO plugin, add metadata.

Logo of Yoast logo, Free SEO tool


Redirection Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors.

Logo of Redirection, Free SEO tool

Structured Data 

Structured Data Add customized structured data to website, pages, posts.

Logo of WP sem, Free SEO tool

Ultimate Nofollow

Ultimate Nofollow  Add rel "nofollow" to external links to not pass page rank.

Logo of Ultimate NoFollow, Free SEO tool

Post to Google My Business 

Post to Google My Business  Publish your latest WordPress post to GMB.

Logo of Post-Google My Business, Free SEO tool

Media File Renamer 

cRename images in WordPress media galleries. 

Logo of Media File Renamer, Free SEO tool

Broken Link Checker 

Broken Link Checker  Find and fix broken links on your WP website.

Logo of broken link checker, Free SEO tool

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Website Speed Tests

The period it takes for a webpage to load is called page speed. The speed with which a website load is governed by several factors, including the site's server, page file size, and image compression. Your Google rankings may suffer because of a slow-loading website. There have been no formal announcements from Google on the subject. However, the fact that they report on all these indicators in their PageSpeed Insights tool suggests that they are most likely using a mix of multiple page speed measurements. Website speed tests are just as crucial to your SEO efforts as other free SEO tools listed here.


GTmetrix Test website speed and identify actionable items that are slowing it down.

Logo of GTmetrix, Free SEO tool

Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights Tool from Google to measure page speed in desktop or mobile.

Logo of Page Speed Insights, Free SEO tool

Content Writing Tools & Text Tools

To index and rank websites based on their relevancy to any given term from users, Google employs a complicated algorithm with hundreds of weighted criteria. Digital marketers use empirical testing to learn about Google's algorithm and how to develop content that ranks.

Generating optimized content without the most acceptable content writing tools for SEO will likely be futile and nearly impossible. In the past few years, Google has advanced so much that it no longer ranks thin content. It's no longer possible to dive in and rank within the month. You must plan your content now and ensure it follows the current mold of what Google considers quality content.  

We've compiled a list of the finest content writing tools for SEO to help you save time and effort. These tools are helpful at various phases of the content development process. Still, they all have the potential to improve your business by saving you time and effort and increasing reader engagement.

Keyword Editing Tool

Keyword Editing Tool Edit keywords, split and combine lists, change case. 

Logo of Mikes Mkt Tools, Free SEO tool

Sort My List

Sort My List A free online tool to help with keyword lists and more.

Logo of Sort My List, Free SEO tool

Word Counter Count

Word Counter Count characters in text for meta tags and more.

Logo of Mikes Mkt Tools, Free SEO tool


Copyscape Check your text on websites for plagiarism.

Logo of Copyscape, Free SEO tool

Keyword density checker

Keyword density checker Check density of KW phrases on a page.

Logo of Internet MKT Ninjas, Free SEO tool

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker Make sure your content is not a duplicate on the web.

Logo of Quetext, Free SEO tool

SEO Training & SEO Consulting Services

Free SEO Training 

Free SEO Training Get a free personalized 30 min online SEO training class, learn how to do SEO while you optimize your website.  

1ON1 SEO Training

Hire an SEO Consultant

Hire an SEO Consultant if you don't have time to do search engine optimization yourself and you want to work with a trusted expert.

Logo of Bruce Jones, Free SEO tool

SEO Blogs To Follow

Moz Blog

Moz Blog Blog from Moz

Logo of Moz, a SEO resource

SEMrush Blog

SEMrush Blog Blog from Semrush

Logo of SEMRUSH, Free SEO tool

Ahrefs Blog 

Ahrefs Blog Blog from Ahrefs.

Logo of Ahrefs, Free SEO tool

Search Engine Journal 

Search Engine Journal Blog from SEO Journal.

Logo of Search Engine Journal, a great blog for SEO experts

Neil Patel 

Neil Patel  Great SEO insight and creator of Ubersuggest.

Logo of NEILPATEL, that website analysis and audit tools

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable A blog all about SEO.

Logo of Search Engine Roundtable, they have a great blog for SEO experts

Yoast Blog

Yoast Blog  Blog by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast.

Logo of Yoast logo, Free SEO tool

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch  Good SEO blog to follow.

Logo of Search Engine Watch, they have a great blog for SEO experts

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Watch  Good SEO blog to follow.

Logo of Search Engine Land, a SEO resource


Blog of Bruce Jones.

1ON1 SEO Training

Misc Tools


LastPass Manage all of your passwords in a safe and secure spot. It saves so much time.

Logo of Last Pass, Free SEO tool

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN A fast website ranks better so use a content delivery network.  Got a slow site? Add it here.

Logo of Cloudflare, Free SEO tool


BuiltWith Identify what software websites are created with.

Logo of Built With, a Free SEO Tool

Video Downloader 

Video Downloader Download videos from websites and social media.

Logo of Video Downloader, a Free SEO tool, a free SEO tool

A2 Web Hosting

A2 Web Hosting Fast reliable website hosting.  Their managed WordPress hosting is what I use.

Logo of A2 hosting, a Free SEO tool

SEO ROI calculator 

SEO ROI calculator Check viability and profit from SEO campaigns.

Logo of Brightedge, a SEO resource View what websites looked like in the past. 

Logo of Internet Archive, a Free SEO tool

Hubspot CRM 

Hubspot CRM Forms for your website that capture leads to Hubspot. 

Logo of Hubspot, Free SEO tool

Ntask Manager 

Ntask Manager  Free project management tool like Basecamp.

Logo of NTASK, a Free SEO tool link shortening and tracking tool.  Create an account and you can see how many people clicked the links too.

Logo of Bitly, a Free SEO tool

I would like to keep growing this list with good quality free tools to use for search engine optimizations.  Leave suggestions in the comments below.

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