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Low prices, high yield investment to both learn SEO and get your website search engine optimized

We offer personalized weekly SEO training classes for small business owners & entrepreneurs online. Optimize your website with your own SEO coach and learn all the steps needed to do it next time.


Low prices, high yield investment to both learn SEO and get your website search engine optimized

We offer personalized weekly SEO training classes for small business owners & entrepreneurs online. Optimize your website with your own SEO coach and learn all the steps needed to do it next time.

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what do you get when we work together?

Free Introductory SEO Basics Class


One time

1 hour of basic training: Learn actionable steps to improve your website and attract more leads during this one-hour introductory session. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our method and to decide to start your own success path.

Weekly Customized SEO Coaching



Month-to-month: One hour of customized SEO classes per week, monthly payment. We will optimize your website together while you receive the best SEO training.

one-off focused consulting


Per Hour

Single consulting: Get a consultancy to solve specific issues and clarify doubts.

Are you looking for a SEO seminar, workshop, or training for your team? We can help!



For 2 Hours

This two-hour Google My Business training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform and how it can help businesses maximize their online presence. Participants will learn how to create and optimize their business listing, manage customer reviews, and use analytics to track performance.

On-Page SEO Training


For 2 Hours

This two-hour On-Page SEO training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize their website for better search engine visibility. The training will cover essential on-page SEO techniques, including keyword research, meta tags optimization, content optimization, URL structuring, and internal linking strategies.



For 2 Hours

This two-hour Structured Data training is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of structured data and its impact on search engine results. The training will cover the fundamentals of structured data, including schema markup, rich snippets, and knowledge graph integration.



For 2 Hours

This two-hour Keyword Research training is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and techniques needed to conduct effective keyword research for their digital marketing campaigns. The training will cover the importance of keyword research in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, along with various tools and methodologies for identifying relevant keywords.

Why should I invest in SEO?

Connecting with people requires more than just a website

In SEO, you optimize your existing online content by including keywords, adding backlinks to trustworthy websites, and enhancing site functionality. In a nutshell, SEO aims to make your website the best source of relevant information. These criteria work together to convince search engines like Google that you are the best solution to a user’s search query.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to appear at the top of the search engine results page. Anything other than the first page of search results will not suffice, as 75% of users never proceed past the second page. You can pay to be first in search results. However, because up to 80% of people skip through paid advertising results, SEO is the most effective technique to get new clients through search results.

SEO is more than just a powerful sales tool. Being seen in search results enhances your reputation as a trustworthy company in your industry and location. In addition, you can establish an identity as a thought leader, generate a better brand image, and manage PR from your position at the top of organic search results.

However, achieving this ranking requires a competent SEO plan. Yes, getting high rankings on Google and other search engines requires time and effort. However, you must earn it, and many businesses outsource SEO to skilled SEO consultants because of the high return on investment.

Some people only consider SEO in terms of rankings and traffic. While both are excellent ways to assess the performance of your SEO campaign, focusing only on those metrics risks overlooking the more excellent value provided by a first-page result, regardless of whether it generates click-through. Each time your product, service, or brand shows on page one of the search results, you make an impact. Brand awareness, or the degree to which people recognize your brand, product, or service, depends on those first impressions.

Brand awareness, which also involves recall and recognition, is crucial whether promoting a new product or focusing on retention. With each search, SEO provides an opportunity to increase brand recognition. You can learn more about coasts and the value of SEO here.

The illustration shows a smartphone with a ascending chart, a pin point and a magnifying glass, five stars follows the other elements of SEO Results Investment
The illustration shows a smartphone with a ascending chart, a pin point and a magnifying glass, five stars follows the other elements of SEO Results Investment

what are our students saying?

Michaele Knous Counseling and Therapy

Bruce has provided me with such good information on SEO and so much more. I like the idea that he teaches and helps with the optimization for my website. Patience is definitely Bruce's virtue.

Michaele Knous – Counselor and Owner

1on1 SEO training taught me everything I need to know about SEO and beyond. It was so exciting getting to learn valuable skills for SEO and then actually practice them onto my very own website. It really feels like Bruce and I built my website and online brand strategy together - not only do I know so much about search engine optimization now, but I have results to show for it. Can never thank Bruce enough for that!

Amelia Haeuser – Relations Clients
Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe

We can't say enough about Bruce. He spent more than a month meeting with us weekly, coaching us through establishing our Google My Business page, enhancing our website's SEO, and incorporating more analytics and data on the back end of our site/web presence. As a result, we've seen way more traffic to our site, and are getting noticed a lot more through organic searches - all because of Bruce's patience, attentiveness to detail, and willingness to spend time with us weekly to ensure that we can apply these enhancements ourselves. We're more self-sufficient and effective as an organization, as we're now reaching many more people than we ever had before. And we understand the "why's" and the "how's" so that we can keep making adjustments to increase the organization's effectiveness and serve that many more beneficiaries.

Aaron Fisher – Executive Director
Momentum Coffee

"Bruce is knowledgeable and he want us to be too! He has taught our team the skills and provided resources to effectively manage our websites and get noticed online. He is very patient and understanding while working with us. He made learning SEO easy and doable. We highly recommend working with Bruce for your SEO needs!"

Nikki Bravo – Co-Owner
Edge Music Academy

"Bruce helped me bring my business to the top of the google listings very quickly! Not only did he improve my google listing, but he also taught me how to continue to improve my SEO. I do not have an IT background, but after meeting with Bruce twice I now I feel like I can dominate my field. I have received countless quotes from SEO businesses reaching out all of which have been much higher than Bruce. Not only was Bruce highly helpful and brought better value than competitors, he taught me how to continue to improve my SEO on my own"

Jason Thompson – Founder & Music Instructor

FAQ. what do you need to start?

Classes are planned based on the student’s existing background. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, 1-on-1 training helps you to build a strong online presence and increase your sales!.

For each student, 1ON1 prepares a specific curriculum. Therefore, this course does not have a pre-established duration. The duration of the course depends on many factors, including the prior background, the business goal, and its complexity. However, with the help of an SEO Coach, you will achieve great results in the first few weeks. After approximately 6 months of study, the student is expected to plan and implement an efficient SEO strategy by himself. It is also essential to emphasize that SEO is a subject of great depth, and that it requires the professional to remain up-to-date at all times.

Some form of SEO is beneficial for just about any company. Whether it is improving local search engine optimization or getting your national products more online exposure or even improving your marketing funnel and lead flow optimization. The 1ON1 SEO training can help from small businesses to large companies improve their online presence and thus achieve better results.

Bruce Jones, the coach, is not only an SEO expert but also a CEO and business owner. With his expertise and business acumen, he can help you understand how SEO fits into your larger business strategy. We at 1ON1 SEO Training understand the workings of big corporations in all sectors and we are eager to work with your company rather than just for it. So, we will be by your side during the entire process of your digital strategy.

If your business is just starting out, SEO can help you better understand your audience, your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and give you an understanding of the budget you need to allocate for marketing. Our experience with large companies, many with a well-established budget, has shown that the best time to think about SEO is in the start-up phase. Thus, your company doesn’t waste energy going down the wrong path.

The 1ON1 SEO Training course does not require a website. However, it is highly recommended. Learning progress can be measured by optimizing your own website. It also increases engagement and commitment to SEO study. Starting SEO coaching with a website is an excellent opportunity to develop your online presence from the beginning.

We work together to get better rankings!

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