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Backlinks Building Training

Backlinks building is one of the three most important factors determining whether SEO happens on a website. Backlinks building can mean the difference between seeing the pages you worked so hard to create on Google and simply not appearing for essential searches.

If the goal of SEO is to ensure that the right people find your website, then backlinks building is the key that turns the ignition. 

Backlinks building makes it possible for SEO to move forward and for you to partake in a fascinating journey involving not just SEO but also inbound marketing, customer behavior, and ever-evolving search engine technology.

1ON1 SEO Training offers
two one-hour sessions of
backlinks-building training.

How to build backlinks effectively?

1ON1 SEO Training offers two one-hour sessions of backlinks-building training for $200.

Work with Bruce Jones, SEO scientist and the founder of six different SEO companies. Bruce is also a published author and expert in inbound marketing, search engine optimization, and backlinks building. He implements all the best practices for building backlinks daily across his SEO companies.

Whether teaching marketing professionals and SEO specialists here at 1ON1 SEO Training or improving the visibility and profitability of a client website, Bruce Jones brings the best of his 20 years of experience in search engine optimization.

He is an educator at heart and enjoys working with SEO learners from all walks of life. He believes anyone can succeed with SEO, but they must start early, as SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Let’s prove the method by seeing how successful you can be after we work together.

Bruce Jones, author of Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

No SEO Happens Without Backlinks

Despite all the naysaying happening in the past two decades, backlinks building remains a sturdy foundation for genuine search engine optimization.

Unfortunately, many confusing and flatly wrong things are being said on the internet and perhaps the “SEO experts” who keep saying the wrong things want to be in the right, so everyone else is misinformed. That makes business sense, but it benefits only them.

Learn the best practices for building backlinks starting today.

At 1ON1 SEO Training, we want to set the record straight regarding search engine optimization and backlinks building training. Please learn about the essential strategies for building backlinks that work. There’s an urgent need for professional backlinks-building training because…

…If There Are No Backlinks, You Have No SEO Power in Google

There is an exceedingly common story across the internet. A business invests in a perfect domain and a premium hosting service and pays a lot for web design, development, and content. Unfortunately, none of it appears on Google.

The website owner waits for weeks and months, and the needle barely moves. Eventually, the trickle of visits from random people goes down to zero. This is what happens when a website owner doesn’t know the best practices for building backlinks.

The problem is no backlinks are powering the website, and therefore, Google doesn’t consider the website authoritative enough to land on page one, where almost 100% of the action takes place. Since no business can wait an entire year to get visits, SEO and backlinks building should have been part of the equation from the beginning.

Don't Tip the Waiter!: Balancing Keywords, Content, and Backlinks

Don’t Tip the Waiter is a popular table game in the eighties. The game was simple enough—during your turn, you had to carefully pile food pieces on the tray of a cardboard waiter. The waiter was designed to tip over if there was any imbalance.

How to build backlinks without hurting the rest of the effort? One of the biggest challenges in successful search engine optimization is balancing keyword research, writing, publishing great content, and creating the right conditions for backlinks. If too much is on one side of the ‘plate,’ everything may fall to the floor. There must be balance. Website owners must know the best practices for building backlinks, on top of knowing how to publish great content.

Too often, people forget that Google continues to monitor backlinks, and inbound links remain potent catalysts that can help catapult a new or old website to the first page of Google.

This is why it’s never too late to learn and implement the best practices for building backlinks.

What Are the Best Ways and the Best Practices for Building Backlinks?

How to build backlinks for local SEO? You turn to local citations. Local citations are primarily responsible for referencing your company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number). You can get local citations through local business directories. Check out our collection of citation directories for SEO for a glimpse of what we’re talking about.

How to build backlinks for niche businesses? Here is when your local citation strategy begins to take on more detail. Niche citations are constructed on systems that are unique to your field. For instance, your Grubhub or Yelp page might qualify as a specialty citation if you own a restaurant. You can look at this article to see where digital marketing companies can get niche citations. Again, specific platforms and websites exist for different markets and industry verticals.

Commenting on blogs is a simple strategy for gaining backlinks. To find sites that allow comments, you need only visit them and check out their content. Have something valuable to say? Provide feedback through the comments section and submit your website’s URL alongside your other info. Then, if the web admin or owner authorizes you, you get an instant backlink!

If your content appears on numerous websites, readers will feel more connected to you, gain more trust, and be more likely to visit your site. In other words, consistent guest posting increases your internet visibility and helps expand your brand by exposing your message to a new audience.

Connecting with other bloggers, blogging businesses, and experts in your field is one of the many benefits of accepting guest posts. Over time, these connections can bring forth several beneficial outcomes.

When handled by a public relations firm, a press release is more than just company news written and posted on a newswire service.

Press releases can become valuable to a comprehensive public relations and media plan when executed properly. A good public relations firm will coordinate its client’s PR plan with the company’s overall commercial, operational, and business objectives.

This allows them to schedule when and what information will be released to the media. For example, a solid public relations strategy will take a client’s exciting new product launch or recent award win and spin it into a newsworthy story with a unique slant.

Websites like are great places to start for social bookmarking efforts. Yes, engaging in regular social bookmarking is part of the best practices for building backlinks!

The use of social bookmarking sites can improve a website’s search engine rankings in numerous ways. First, the algorithms of search engines crawl through your bookmarks and find relevant links to index. Search engines will view the site more favorably as a result.

There is still much helpful information and exciting individuals to meet in the forums. Despite their popularity with spammers, they can be a great way to network and gain exposure for your website. Using automated services is another effective strategy for locating appropriate discussion boards.

Social Mention is a great starting point. If you search for your topic, you will find many related threads in which to participate. In addition, the fact that most forums let you include a signature with a link to your website makes them ideal for boosting your link popularity. You can also include a link to your website in your reply, although this privilege is usually reserved for members who have been active for at least two weeks.

While Google denies that social media directly impacts SERPs, that doesn’t mean you can ignore its significance in the link-building process. After all, social media platforms are studied by search engine robots just like any other website. Thus, Google notices social media links regardless of the number of shares or other similar social signals. Therefore, social media is still a huge part of the work in backlinks building.

Because of the constant stream of updates in the social media world, bots are constantly scanning for new profiles and articles to categorize and possibly present to the public. In addition, experiments are demonstrating the link between social media engagement and search engine rankings.

Your web traffic, brand awareness, and backlink profile can all improve with the inclusion of social media links. Improved search engine rankings and increased exposure on the web are the results of these measures.

Media submissions to other websites are a great way to earn easy backlinks without having to work hard to convince the website’s owner or editor for a backlink. A serious backlinks building effort isn’t complete without successful media submissions.  

Case studies and infographics are two of the most popular media submission that you can use for easy backlinks. Just ensure that the information is genuine and authoritative and that people will benefit from encountering your media submission.

SEO and backlinks building are two of the most important reason to produce video content for your brand. In addition to laying the groundwork for the rest of your digital marketing efforts, regularly publishing engaging and relevant video content can positively impact your website’s user engagement, traffic, and sales.

Google’s internal algorithm for creating SERPs is one of the primary reasons video content can enhance your SEO. Remember that the two most important factors for Google are content relevance and quality.

Consider publishing video content on social media and massive platforms like YouTube to gain referrals and high-quality traffic that can significantly improve your search engine rankings. There will be a beneficial domino effect on your SEO effort.

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