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1ON1 SEO Training offers
two one-hour sessions of
Google My Business training.


Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) is one of the most comprehensive online business platforms. Claiming and verifying a Google Business Profile is the first step in local and national search engine optimization. While the overall strategies will differ because of geographic considerations, Google Business Profiles can help put any old and new business in front of customers on the web.

Google My Business training focuses on essential strategies using Google Business Profile features to maximize visibility and customer contact. You should consider signing up for a Google My Business training course if you want to know how to use the platform or if you would like to manage your staff better. You may want to perform GBP-related tasks in-house later. Google My Business training is also beneficial for marketing and SEO teams who need added proficiency in using and optimizing the platform.

Why Sign Up for a Google My Business Training Course?

What are the Benefits of Signing Up for a Google My Business Training Course and Claiming Your Google Business Profile?

1. Google My Business (GBP) is Completely Free!

The fact that it costs nothing is one of GMB’s most appealing qualities. Click here to create a profile and add details about yourself (email, phone numbers, website, photos, location, etc.).

2. Google Business Profiles Are Designed to Be Found FAST

Google Business Profiles makes your Business visible locally and internationally.

For a day, Google processes more than 63,000+ searches per second, and the number of “near me” searches on Google has grown exponentially. People want to find neighborhood or city businesses fast. And they want the information NOW.

Roughly 90% of people who search have not yet decided about a specific brand. To attractTherefore, customers stand out

Even if you put a lot of effort into SEO for your website, you won’t get the exposure you deserve if you don’t use Google My Business. This is because when users search or use Google Maps for a specific geographical area, results that include GMB listings will appear first.

3. Google Business Profiles Help You Stay Consistent Online

Keep your customers educated and know as your company expands or evolves. Google My Business is a great way to keep your customers informed by posting any changes to your contact information. So that your customers can quickly get in touch with you even if you relocate or switch phone numbers.

4. Google Business Profiles Help Create a Strong First Impression on Customers.

To demonstrate to potential clients that you’re willing to keep up with the times and adapt to changing consumer preferences, a GMB page is an excellent addition to your online identity.

Providing for their needs online will allow them to quickly call/connect, buy, and repeat. Google My Business also lets you add visuals, like photos and videos, to help attract customers. In addition, customers will better understand what to expect from you if you communicate your expectations.

Enrich your Google Business Profile by uploading as many photos and videos as possible; the more, the better. Not having any photos on your Google listing is the same as not having a profile picture on your social media accounts. Motivate visitors to become familiar with your Google My Business page. You can give your brand a face or a more profound meaning by including an image.

5. Google Business Profiles Are Super SEO-Friendly

One of the best SEO tools at your disposal is Google My Business. Not only should contact information be included but it should also be prominently displayed. If you want the most exposure on Google, you’ll need to tweak your GBP.

Does Google My Business/Google Business
Profile Truly Matter to SEO?

Every online Business wants more exposure through organic search. Many approaches can help a local business improve its search engine rankings, but there is no surefire solution.

This requires systematic effort, as do most SEO-related tasks. For example, one way to attract customers’ attention is to provide accurate details, such as operating hours and how to reach you. Google’s Business is an excellent tool for this.

If you own a business and want complete control over its appearance in Google Search, don’t look further than your Google Business Profile. This tool is indispensable for controlling your company’s visibility in Google Maps, the Knowledge Graph, and organic search results. Google My Business continues to be the most critical factor in local SEO success. Reviews are in second place.

Your company’s GBP can be updated with new information such as a NAP, operating hours, photos, etc. In addition, unique configurations demonstrate various purchasing possibilities (delivery or curbside pickup).

You also have access to a wealth of additional customization options, such as the capability to moderate customer feedback. It’s likely you already know that it’s crucial to incorporate reviews into your local SEO strategy.

Creating a Google Business Profile account and claiming your Business is a simple first step. After providing your information, Google will mail you a real postcard to the address you provide. This card is sent to verify that you are the company’s owner at the address. However, some industries can get verified over the phone or online. In addition, you can see whether Google has verified your account on a dedicated page.

You can fill out your listing information when your account has been confirmed. Regular reports allow you to track how many views, clicks, and subscribers your listing has gotten over time. This is a fantastic method for understanding how Google and your target audience view your company.

It would help if you didn’t rely solely on Google Business Profile for local search engine optimization. It must complement your other on- and off-site SEO work for maximum effect. You won’t rise to the top unless your profile is complete and accurate, but you won’t get there without a well-optimized site and localized content. Both are necessary and sufficient for off-page search engine optimization.

What are Ranking Factors?

Multiple factors are considered when assigning positions in Google Business Profile. However, we’ll focus on the top three: prominence, relevance, and distance.


How well your company corresponds to the customer’s search intent is quantified by its relevance. Do you zero in on precisely what the client wants, or are there some murky areas in your service that the client must guess at?

Being evasive doesn’t help your ranking or your sales. Instead, try to avoid ambiguity and stay focused. Google will then have a better idea of what to expect from your Business and be more likely to include it in relevant search results.


Ranking local businesses based on their proximity to a user is standard practice. And makes sense once you put it that way. So, for example, if your business is in Los Angeles, it will not be found in a search in Philadelphia.

However, how Google chooses which businesses to display in a local search is a mystery, and it can be challenging to achieve a high ranking. However, there are additional factors that should not be overlooked.

Claiming and demonstrating physical proximity to a target audience through the inclusion of geo targeted content on a website is a proven marketing strategy. Google considers the searcher’s location and other data to return results for the best local businesses.


Your listing’s prominence depends on factors such as the number of reviews and events posted about it, how well-known your business is in the community, and how well-known your business is online.

Having a lot of high-quality links pointing to your site is also beneficial. While the precise definition of “prominence” remains elusive, one thing is sure: nobody likes dormant profiles.

Uploading fresh images regularly and tracking user feedback are essential maintenance tasks. Like I said before, this should complement your website, so make sure the information you publish for each is consistent and that both emphasize your local presence (s).

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