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Should My Company Invest In SEO Training Classes?

In a word, yes. Search engine optimization (SEO) are common business buzzwords that many business owners have a hard time understanding, largely because they're evolving too rapidly for most people to keep up with. A decade ago, SEO involved stuffing as many keywords as possible into web copy, often resulting in unreadable gibberish, in order [...]

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The Best Way To Learn SEO Is By Actively Doing SEO

While looking on some educational websites I bumped into this graphic about how much we retain knowlege based on how the information is presented to us. I think this graphic makes a good point that the best way to learn SEO is one to one SEO classes with your own instructor and then practice [...]

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Free Keyword Research Tools We Use For Our SEO Training Classes

There are many different keyword research tools available online, some are free and some have a monthly fee. In our one to one classes we're only going to focus on the free keyword tools that are available and work well in my opinion. That way after our classes you can continue to practice keyword [...]

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SEO Training Tip – Don’t Forget About Internal Links

INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL LINKS: WHY YOU CAN'T HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER Internal links, which are so often eclipsed by the coveted hard-to-get external links, are the unsung heroes of SEO. They're an integral part of a safe, long-term SEO strategy, ensuring that search engines and users alike are able to access and better understand [...]

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