1ON1 SEO Training Now Offers Specialized Individual Training

Are you looking for basic or intermediate/advanced SEO training to start a career in the SEO industry or to help optimize an existing website? 1ON1 SEO Training provides specialized, individual training for SOE specialists and SEO vendors, business owners, digital marketing specialists, PR consultants, marketing staff, and virtually anyone who wants or needs to learn about search engine optimization.

1ON1 SEO Training focuses on getting you up to spec with the most current and effective search engine optimization methods. With a solid theoretical base in the technical aspects of the discipline, all the way to continuous application to the website in question, 1ON1 SEO Training has everything you need to become the best SEO in the industry. There are no limits on how much you can progress, whether for improving your business's bottom line or breaking into a new career path you've wanted for so long.

We can honestly say that learning SEO is perfect because there's no known drawback in applying search engine optimization to a website. The worst that could happen is you need to work on a website some more that's it!

A single person can begin applying SEO to their website and get good results. SEO doesn't cause ballooning ad spend or require a large team to do right. If you have the time and tenacity to work on your SEO effort in its many dimensions, anyone can theoretically start an SEO campaign and come out on top.


Specialized Individual Training Classes

Introductory Class in SEO

This is where it all begins. 1ON1 SEO Training's introductory class is on the house, and you'll get to meet our resident SEO scientist, too! You can ask your new SEO coach about what SEO is all about and what you can do to improve the status of the website that you wish to improve. This is a one-time free class that everyone should try if they're serious about learning more about how search engine optimization works. Learn about the methods employed for serious SEO so you can decide whether to proceed with any other classes.


Focused Consulting

Do you need to consult with the CEO of SEO once to ask urgent questions about an ongoing SEO campaign? 1ON1 SEO Training can help! Book a one-off, focused consultation with Bruce Jones today and ask away. Bruce Jones' extensive experience in enterprise- and agency-level search engine optimization makes him the perfect resource for intermediate to advanced SEO consultations. Talk to Bruce about the current state of your campaign and problem areas that require some brainstorming and a general layout for a suitable solution. If you need to consult once more, simply book focused consulting again.


Individual Weekly SEO Training

Weekly SEO training is the best way to learn about search engine optimization. There is regular contact with your SEO coach, and the weekly SEO training sessions ensure that you also have an accountability buddy who will help you overcome obstacles to SEO success. It can be challenging to learn something new if you're alone. An SEO coach with 17+ years of experience can significantly improve your chances of successfully applying SEO methods to your website. You will be optimizing your website alongside the SEO coach, and both of you can look at the website condition and stats to devise a logical action plan to solve any issues.


Individual Keyword Research Training

Proficient and logical keyword research with an eye toward customer behavior and needs are crucial for SEO success. Here at 1ON1 SEO Training, we make sure that you not only know how to perform keyword research using tools, but we also ensure that you know what you're looking for when examining the endless lists produced by SEO tools.

It is easy to subscribe to an SEO tool, but more important is knowing how to read the keyword data and trends properly so you can make informed decisions about what keywords and keyword clusters are most valuable or important for what you wish to do.

Investing in learning SEO means you will no longer waste time chasing after keywords that will not help your campaign. Since keywords are the foundation of content, our training will ensure that your new content will align with business goals and attract the right audience after publication.


Individual Google Business Profile Training

The Google Business Profile is the heart of local SEO efforts. It's the battleground of the top contenders for each market because Google will feature top Google Business Profiles in relevant searches. If you haven't optimized or even claimed your listing, yesterday would have been a great time to do it. But don't worry-with our Google Business Profile Training ($200 for two hours), you will be brought up to speed on the complex changes in the Google algorithm and how the GBP factors into the equation. It is more important than many people think and is certainly not an afterthought in the SEO process.


Individual On-Page SEO Training

Our on-page SEO training focuses on the significant elements that make a website work for human readers and search engines. We're not talking about just Google here: on-page SEO means you apply the best practices across the search landscape.

That means your website will potentially rank better across different search engines. With a fresh new approach to optimization, you may see immediate gains when you start correcting existing problems with your website.

The correction process takes time, and a steady eye and hand that considers what customers need, the current standards in web design that search engines love, and how you can combine the information meaningfully so you can act. 1ON1 SEO Training can help you get there.


Individual Structured Data Training

Search engine rankings can be improved using structured data because it helps search engines better comprehend meanings and nuances in the website content. You can also expect views and CTR to increase while reducing bounce rates. Structured data is typically used to convey information about the website's products, prices, and availability.

Sites that use structured data tend to rank higher in relevant search results. By providing local business information efficiently via structured data, any site can increase its exposure to users conducting localized searches.






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