Does Your Business Need More Customers? An SEO Coach Can Help

If you need more customers for your business an SEO coach and inbound marketing training can guide you in setting up a successful strategy.

Managing a successful inbound marketing strategy  

 There are many different SEO things that you can be doing, but as an end user how do you know that you are doing the things that will have the most impact? How do you benchmark where you are at and show improvements? An SEO coach can guide you in setting up a road map for success

When you are tying to learn SEO and do it for yourself, one of the biggest challenges is often times understanding what exactly needs to be done and where the priorities lie. Many individuals feel lost or intimidated, because regardless of your knowledge of search engine optimization or your willpower, there is loads to be done for optimizing even the most advanced website. SEO has so many elements and offers so many ways to get ahead of the competition. Of course, the logical step is to focus efforts on the SEO that is most beneficial to your business. Sometimes, the hardest question is simply: what should my SEO strategy focus on? 

Much to many people’s dismay, there is no easy answer to this question. There is really no simple guide to SEO or list of steps to follow, as the “best” SEO strategy depends on three things: your business (what you are working with), your assets (what you can invest), and your goals (where you are trying to go). 

How to navigate Google Ranking Factors 

As you determine what SEO is of value or a necessity to your situation, you will always want to refer to Google ranking factors. Of course, since a major part of SEO involves getting up there in search engine results, namely Google’s, their ranking factors tend to be the golden standard in the SEO world. Still, Google doesn’t make it so simple for us optimizers and they are constantly changing their algorithm, as a result, there is no step-by-step guide to SEO and each situation will be different. 

Google Ranking Factors to consider

While only you and an SEO teacher or expert who has a good understanding of your business and situation can properly evaluate Google’s ranking factors that help you to create your action plan, it is a good idea to know which factors are out there and could potentially impact your business. As mentioned earlier, a lot goes into Google’s ranking algorithm. There are actually over 200 ranking factors, to be precise. Here are some things you may want to consider:


How to tackle Google’s list of algorithm factors 

As you can see, the list is exhaustive – and these are not even all of the ranking factors that Google uses. As a business, it is nearly impossible to look at this list and create a plan of action. So, where do you go from here? Rather than trying to grasp an understanding of what each of these factors means, try to learn about your business and which ones pertain to your website. Rather than trying to follow a certain strategy because it seems to be what is working or on-trend in the moment, a better idea is to know your own business and industry well and incorporate different methods that naturally seem to be priorities for your situation, and the rule of thumb is that it will work to get you better results. 

Once you know which are the most important factors in your situation, it will be much easier to tackle the ongoing and ever-present challenge that is SEO. 

Personalized training with an seo coach to develop your business plan 

You are only going to get to an overall end goal for your business by taking measurable small steps to get there. With so many options for what to do as your SEO efforts, it is important that you create a strategy that meshes into your overarching business plan. This is where SEO training comes in: an SEO training course or SEO coach can offer you guidance that will get you to understand the main concepts of search engine optimization and which ones apply to you and your business. As you work on your website over the course of your lessons, you will also learn how to track your progress. By keeping track of your evolution, through processes like website audits, ranking reports and insights, as well as following the changes regarding specific strategies that you have formulated with an SEO expert, through different forms of analysis, you will see specifically which strategies work best for your business and how much an SEO coach has helped your business. Bench marking with various SEO tools will also reveal your improvements and allow you to further prioritize the importance of the many Google ranking factors for yourself. Oftentimes, you will find that even some of the seemingly minor or minuscule ranking factors actually have a huge impact and are essential to your strategy. Get started with a personalized SEO training course, meet an expert SEO coach and discover which ranking factors are most important for you! 


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