SEO is the Corona Proof Weapon that Your Business Needs to be Using

Search engine optimization is the perfect tool for what the industry is calling “corona virus marketing,” or marketing during this unprecedented time of the COVID pandemic.

A Focus on the Main Components of SEO

Search engine optimization is a superpower in the marketing world, which focuses on getting businesses more clients and exposure by focusing on their presence in search engines and on the Internet in general. This approach focuses marketing efforts on one’s website, on Google, and then on the rest of the Internet where mentions of this business may appear.

There are three main components to SEO:

  • Keywords

  • Content

  • Quality backlinks

By focusing on these three core pieces of search engine optimization, businesses can make huge strides in transforming themselves online. One of the great things about SEO is that it only takes a little work to see a lot of results. By making minor changes based on the three pillars of SEO, or according to the needs of your business, you can see big jumps in rankings and a lot more leads.

Corona Virus Marketing: Why is now the Time for One on One SEO Training?

SEO has always been “Corona proof.” Whether or not your brick-and-mortar store can operate or if you are able to serve your clients, SEO can prepare you for the future and results will start almost immediately. With all of the problems in the world right now, it is easy to say that SEO isn’t necessary or to not be focusing on growing your business. However, as an SEO coach & teacher I would argue that there has never been a better time to learn about search engine optimization and optimize your business.

Here’s why:
Less distractions mean more dedication to learning the principles of SEO and putting them into practice on your website.
You are most likely working from home, making SEO classes one of the ideal activities that you can do during your quarantine. All classes are virtual, online classes in which you can chat with your teacher as well as see their screen and let them use yours to show you how things are done.
Competitors have likely eased up on marketing since the pandemic started. Combine this with your increased efforts and it is much easier to get ahead of them. You’ll be in a way better position than them when business picks up again.
You are probably thinking right about now that you cannot afford to pay someone for SEO, or are worried about additional expenditures. Precisely for that reason, SEO training is a lot cheaper than paying a marketing company to do it for you, and in the grand scheme actually allows you to cut costs completely because at some point you will have the capacity to do all of your SEO on your own.

The World may Have Come to a Halt, but a Lot is still Happening in the SEO World

Another way that SEO is corona-proof is that it is an industry in which things are still happening. While it feels that business is stopped, and even many individuals’ lives are stopped, search engine optimization continues to see changes at this time. Google makes changes everyday, and pandemics are no situation. Even if you have learned about SEO in the past, the strategy is always changing, so the optimization world might be very different now. A weekly class keeps you in the know and gets you information in real time, as your SEO teacher is also an expert and industry insider who can alert you of trends, changes, and everything else that could impact your business and strategy. An example of this in the era of Corona Virus marketing is related to managing Google My Business. At the time of this blog post being written, Google has deactivated the possibility of writing reviews or answering questions. This may be because Google knows that businesses are non-operation for the most part right now.

With all of the activity still going on in the SEO world, now is a great time to start weekly sessions of SEO training, to have you and your business looking better than ever once Corona Virus quarantine is over with.. Take advantage that customers aren’t calling you to improve in other areas, and you are guaranteed to see growth despite the difficult times ahead.

Sign up for a free SEO class today and start taking advantage of these huge opportunities to get more business visibility when you need it the most.


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