Should You Do Your Own Local SEO Or Hire An SEO Company?

If you can answer yes to each of these questions then YES even you can do search engine optimization yourself.


SEO is not rocket science, it is not smoke and mirrors but it works. SEO is not really that hard, especially with a coach on your side, but it does take time.
It is really just doing those things above with a specific strategy in mind. I’ll show you how and guide you along the way.

Right now is the best time to focus on local search engine optimization, with slower business and more downtime, you can invest more efforts into learning SEO and setting up your marketing strategy, so that when customers are ready to hire you once again, you are at the top of your game and the top of their Google search results.


  1. Can you do some Google searches and write down the search terms that your competitors come up for most often?

  2. Can you imagine yourself as your customer and write down the questions they might have about your product or services?  

  3. Can you write answers to those questions and describe what you sell  in various ways and in various lengths? Some one or two sentences long and others no more than 100 words each.

  4. Can you write up some reasons that people should do business with you instead of your competitors? 

  5. Can you write up a few unique business descriptions that include some of the above information?

  6. Can you take some pictures with your phone of yourself, your team, your office and other photos related to your products or the services you provide?

  7. Can you fill out online forms that include your business information and click verification links in your emails?

  8. Can you follow some easy directions as it relates to these things above?

  9. Do you have 2-4 hours a week to devote to this project and can put it on a schedule? After hours are ok, SEO training and homework does not have to be done during business hours.

  10. Do you have the patience to keep up on these tasks even though there is no immediate return on your investment in time and energy?


start your seo journey and become your own expert.