The Kiss Of Death For SEO – The Meta Robot Noindex Tag

Did you know there is a setting in your WordPress website that with one check mark can tell Google to stay away?  And it is a hidden killer when it comes to SEO, you won’t find it without looking for it. Since Google is the main source of website traffic not too many people would [...]

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CoronaVirus Marketing: How your Business can Overcome COVID-19

The impact of Coronavirus on businesses has meant that most companies and their employees have been hit hard. The best thing that you can be focusing on during these slow times is how to come back bigger and better than ever once commerce starts picking up again and business starts to operate as usual.  Stay [...]

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SEO Strategy Case Study: A French Teacher in Naperville

The idea of personalized one to one SEO training is to work with an SEO expert in order to understand the fundamentals of SEO, gain an understanding to then be able to implement changes onto your business’ website to transform your digital presence. However, a lot of prospective students wonder how exactly does one go [...]

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Free Coronavirus SEO Training Help | Coronavirus Marketing Tips

Recent breaking keywords related to coronavirus and marketing /coronavirus seo. Hi, I wanted to offer my help and support for businesses that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. I understand that some of you may not know how to edit your Google my business profile to update your hours or to be able to put [...]

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Business Blogging Tips: How To Write A Blog To Promote Your Business

If you know anything about websites and digital marketing, you’ve certainly heard that you should have a blog for your site. The problem is, having a blog post can be intimidating, as it often requires a lot of work and regular upkeep. Some people say they don’t have the time to maintain a blog [...]

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Optimizing Google My Business Seminar

The Small Business Digital Marketing Meetup group led by Sanju was nice enough to invite me to come speak to their group in Glen Ellyn, IL. on 2/26/20 Here is a link to their group to learn more about them: They hold free seminars and workshops on small business marketing topics like advertising [...]

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10 Steps To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for 2020

For local searches Google now features their Local 3-Pack listing that is above Google organic listings. So of course those are the ones getting all the clicks. It is a great equalizer for small businesses trying to rank in their town if they know how to take advantage of it. These days If you are [...]

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When Learning SEO We Can’t Forget About Website Bounce Rates

How does your website bounce rate help or hurt your SEO? Lets hear what our SEO tutor says about bounce rate.  Bounce rate is a big problem for businesses and their websites, who lose customers because they cant keep them on the website long enough to convert into a lead.  When learning how to do [...]

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SEO Training for Influencers The Basics of Influencer Marketing

If you are a social media influencer, SEO can help you Guest Post By Amelia Cottez @ameliacottez The success of the social media influencer has given rise to more demand for influencers but also more supply; brands are increasingly turning to influencers to promote their products over traditional marketing methods, but they are also [...]

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Best Backlinks For Digital Marketing, Web Design & SEO Companies

If you work for a marketing firm the best leads of course come by way of referrals from happy customers.  The next best lead source is when they are looking for digital marketing agencies online and they find you.  Getting backlinks from marketing directories help you get found online easier so follow along and learn [...]

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