Save Money on SEO – Learn How to Optimize for Google Yourself

Optimizing a site for Google is critical if you want your digital business to thrive. You can have all your products and services lined up, but your business will not succeed without the exposure needed to connect with local or international customers and the need for them to find your business online.

There are two ways to go about the optimization process. The first option is to hire an SEO agency and pay for all the upfront expenses. This is an ongoing expense, and depending on the skillsets of your chosen SEO professional or SEO agency, you may get excellent or lukewarm results over months or years. SEO companies have different methods, and not all forms work at 100% all at the same time.

To be sure, all SEO agencies want to deliver quality work and excellent results. Still, the truth is no one can ever make a solid guarantee about products because it’s not 100% up to the agency how SEO campaigns go. There are many more significant factors in the picture, including customer response and how Google ranks different pages and content.

The second option, which we highly recommend because it will help you save money on SEO, is to be mentored by an SEO professional who has SEO expertise and the skills to teach you how it’s done.


Why Teach Yourself SEO?

Teaching yourself SEO and being mentored by an SEO professional is a sustainable and cost-effective track for many digital business owners. If you have the time to invest in optimizing your site (like two to three hours per week), this is a viable option.

Of course, it will take a little time before you see the results that you want, but what is essential is you have begun the process, and all it will take is for your site to be indexed and then ranked. To be sure, ranking on Google will not take place overnight.

No one does that. The only pages that ever make it overnight to Google are news sites because Google has a special algorithm that matches search queries and ranks these sites high for information freshness. If you don’t own a media outlet, it’s not going to be a feasible plan.

Take a look at the long-term plan so your site can organically attract targeted individuals that will buy from you. This is the core of any organic SEO effort, and yes, it’s very sustainable and works. This is the same reason why sites like Forbes tend to appear in almost any business-related query, and they don’t need to pay for Google Ads to appear on page one. What Forbes has done is massive, of course, and if you are an SMB owner, you won’t need that kind of enormous operation to appear on page one for thousands of keywords or queries.

However, take the core of what they do, which is working hard to gain and maintain domain authority, topical authority, and lots of great content. You will see how organic SEO naturally works, and it is patterned after how people do business and gain trust and authority offline.


The Solution is Customized SEO Lessons

Remember the feeling when you figured out something extraordinary by listening to someone who’s been doing something for so long? You can get the same insights, wisdom, and experience by simply signing up for customized SEO lessons and classes.

1on1SEO’s customized classes are designed to introduce anyone to the world of search engine optimization gradually. Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone tasked by an organization to perform optimizations on your current site, you can learn how to do SEO the right way.

The goal is to apply the knowledge directly to your site (no technical theory) and get better at it over time. SEO is a skill, and like riding a bike, it gets better with time. You get wobbly in the beginning, and that’s fine, but eventually, you can zoom long distances with little effort.

1on1SEO’s personalized training courses are so good that complete beginners soon understand why SEO works and why it’s part of a well-built online presence.

As an entrepreneur, you can get the best results when you work with an expert SEO coach or SEO tutor who happens to know the ins and outs of the SEO world. There is always an excellent place to begin and spots on your site that need work to continue optimizing it.

Compared to reading books or watching YouTube videos that tackle other sites, working with an SEO coach will allow you to directly talk to the SEO tutor and ask questions about your site.

Individuals have different skill sets, and some of them are just beginning to understand how websites work. That’s alright – that’s the point of working with an SEO coach in the first place. An SEO tutor will adapt a track or course that tackles the fundamentals of good SEO. The fundamentals of good SEO include Google Analytics and how to optimize the minor elements that impact Google’s final ranking of your site’s pages and content.

There are several benefits when you invest in a dedicated SEO coach, and you will see your site improve with work. The SEO coach will also improve the course by tying in your business goals and your objectives for the year. There always have to be specific objectives to attain, so your efforts have direction.

The SEO lessons also come with weekly homework to work on something until the next lesson. You can start making changes after the first few lessons if you feel like doing so. Each of the unique tools used for search engine optimization will have a different function and impact on your site. The one-on-one learning environment allows for quick and fun lessons, and you can focus on what matters the most, which is to make the right changes to your site for long-term results. 


start your seo journey and become your own expert.