Learn with an SEO Tutor This Year [2021 Update]

SEO tutoring provides a great opportunity to large organizations, companies, and SMBs to improve their search engine optimization efforts in-house. If you are a firm believer in continuous learning, getting a digital marketing tutor or SEO tutor so you can learn how to do search engine optimization on your own, without having to slog through confusing YouTube videos, complicated books, and time-consuming online courses.

Learning all the theories and then figuring out how to apply the theory will eat a lot of time, and with the prevailing world conditions, we don't have a lot of time to spare. Every minute has to be focused on practical learning, and this is something that an SEO tutor can give you.

The biggest advantages of SEO tutoring and getting a dedicated digital marketing tutor are:

  •  You get to learn with your SEO tutor one-on-one via weekly Zoom meetings. Your direct interaction with your SEO tutor means you can ask questions directly about your site/s, and your SEO tutor can design the right approach based on your actual needs. That's something you can't get from watching YouTube videos or taking online courses since these resources are limited to more general SEO approaches.

The downside of these resources and study options is you can't ask video questions, and you'd have to remodel the information to fit your needs.

If the YouTube videos you are watching are optimizing ecommerce retailer sites, you have to figure out how to apply them to your niche. Sometimes it's doable, but the majority of the time, it can be not very clear.

  •  You will have access to individualized classes that fit your business and needs. The curriculum will be adjusted depending on your goals. This is the perfect opportunity for SMB owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and other individuals to learn how SEO is done on a practical level while measuring their progress every week. You will be investing in the knowledge that you can evolve over a lifetime. No matter how tall a high-rise is, it still sits on a solid foundation, and SEO needs a strong foundation to work, so you don't waste time on the wrong strategies that will either have zero effect on your SEO or may even get your site penalized.

  •  Completely avoid the roadblocks to successful SEO. An SEO tutor is your dynamic partner to success. You can ask questions, compare notes and try a variety of approaches with expert guidance. Practical approaches have more value now because businesses have no time for a lot of trial and error.

Would an SEO for Dummies book help improve your site's organic rankings? Perhaps not. Many entrepreneurs eventually stop with the theoretical stuff because they encounter challenges that they can't overcome.

There are gaps that only an SEO tutor with many years of experience can help overcome for you, but only after you can relay what is happening to your site at the moment.

Just like YouTube videos, you can't ask a book questions – you can only adapt the information depending on what you see happening to your online presence.

Is SEO Easy?

SEO can be easy with the help of a digital market tutor. An SEO tutor can walk you through the essentials, step by step, to work directly on your site.

The SEO tutor can help you optimize your site while you gain valuable insights on how search engine optimization truly works, based on the SEO tutor's practical applications.

SEO is also easier when you can learn at a comfortable and regular pace. Compare this experience with intense SEO boot camps that require full attention over days, where you only remember just ten to twenty percent of the total.

Individualized SEO tutoring capitalizes on the needs and strengths of the students, so the training becomes more effective, and the student learns more over time

Can I Teach Myself SEO?

Anyone can learn SEO. But as to how effective the learning process is, that depends largely on the learner's decision. Does the student want to learn off random YouTube videos? Does he sign up for a complicated online course with no guarantees that he can apply what he learned to his website?

You can teach yourself SEO without hiring expensive SEO agencies. What matters is you understand how modern search engines work. You don't need a degree in astrophysics to understand what's under Google's hood. What you do need is specialized instruction from an SEO tutor who is an expert in the field. Your digital marketing tutor will align the training with your needs and the type of business you have. The SEO approach for a music school will be different from a PC parts store.

There's a world of difference in the site audit, keyword research, and how meta-information should be shaped. Can you make these adjustments while reading a book or watching online modules? We think not.

The self-learning SEO student has to contend with these realities if he wishes to get ahead. The biggest obstacle to self-learning search engine optimization is understanding the material enough to apply it.

A great example of this is learning materials about WordPress. In theory, you know that WordPress is the premier platform and that it works great with plugins like WooCommerce.

But how far can you go when you're finally done with the theory, and you're staring at your WP dashboard? An SEO tutor can help point you where to go, so you can begin optimizing your site. The practical steps often look different from pure theory.

There's a difference between why SEO tutoring is highly prized and why there are so many forums dedicated to search engine optimization. Nothing beats other people's expertise and experiences with SEO.

How Do I Start Learning SEO?

You can start learning SEO today by working with a professional SEO coach with many years of experience. Skip the SEO agency and get an SEO tutor who will meet with you weekly via Zoom to optimize your site while learning at the same time. 


start your seo journey and become your own expert.