How To Quickly Learn SEO?

Are you interested in learning search engine optimization with an SEO mentor or SEO coach? While you can learn plenty while reading random blogs online, search engine optimization is much bigger than just keyword research or earning backlinks. In fact, it might take a while to outline each SEO component simply because so many steps are involved.

The specific steps for SEO also vary from situation to situation. Search engine optimization is a vast field, and as it stands, it continues to be a pillar of digital marketing globally. The SEO industry is ever-expanding simply because it works, and businesses will always need help surfacing for essential search terms.


So, how long does it take to learn SEO?

If you’re fascinated about doing search engine optimization on your own, you’ll need to work with an expert who can help reduce the learning time and help you navigate the steep learning curve.


Learning SEO for the First Time

Having no experience with SEO shouldn’t discourage you from trying to learn it, especially if you’re joining me in a Zoom class for SEO. I’ve been teaching SEO for some years because I’m an educator by heart, and I love sharing the insights I’ve gained from 18+ years in the SEO industry as an SEO consultant and author.

Looking at all the classes I’ve held over the years, I would say that you’ll need about 3 hours per week to learn search engine optimization. But, of course, this is the minimum, so if you want to achieve more or master more skills, you’ll have to give it more time.

You’ll need to devote at least 12 hours weekly to learning SEO. Every week I hold 1-hour Zoom sessions with my students (one-on-one, of course), and they get homework that might take an hour or two to complete. SEO without practical application is tricky. You won’t know what works or what parts you should be refining unless you roll up your sleeves and get to work on your website.


What if you have more than 12 hours per month studying SEO?

Then you’ll be an expert in no time!

Truthfully, SEO is something that anyone can learn. For example, suppose you know how the internet works and already do all sorts of things online. In that case, SEO will make sense to you, the same way digital marketing makes sense to students the first time they encounter the more formal framework for digital marketing.

My approach to teaching search engine optimization is focused on strategy and actionable steps. There are already plenty of SEO theories, but there is a severe lack of actionable steps. SEO professionals will rarely talk about what works or what doesn’t. They can share previously published knowledge, but they may not want to share secrets with others because it’s a competitive market. What’s interesting about SEO is that success can come from anywhere because the best strategies are often the results of SEO experiments.


I’ll share with you actional SEO steps in our first one or two meetings.

As we continue working together, focused on you and your website, you’ll gain confidence in search engine optimization. You’ll realize that there are basic rules to abide by, but there are many methods of getting to the same destination.

I’ll also work with you to demystify certain things about SEO, and maybe I’ll share with you some little-known facts about SEO that I learned from thousands of SEO steps I’ve performed over the years.

I do SEO every day, and it’s constantly on my mind.

I’ve also invested time and other resources to refine my strategies and learn more about search engines and how consumers use the internet to find information, products, and services. Without the last part, SEO doesn’t make sense, so consider your first foray into search engine optimization as a foray into inbound marketing, too.


You’ll have a great handle on SEO in four to six months.

Four to six months is a huge accomplishment for someone learning SEO from scratch. However, the fact that you lasted this long means the approach is understandable, and you are committed to the SEO marathon.

At this point in the learning process, you probably already have a good handling of things, and you’re probably already adept at measuring results on your own. While there will be newer ways of measuring the ROI of SEO and how data ties in with SEO strategy, you’re probably already feeling good about your SEO skills.

Many students stay with me for years because there’s always something new to learn about SEO, as the internet never changes. I would say that the rules have only increased, but the foundations of an excellent online experience still guide what the big search engines are doing.

They want a genuine connection between the users and the websites, and they’re trying their hardest to set the coordinates for that experience. That’s why algorithm changes from Google are constantly rocking the SEO industry because then you’d have to shift gears and change around things to recover and still appear for your most important searches.

So, if you want to have that confidence in SEO, learn search engine optimization with me today, and we’ll be sure to work on those SEO issues every week. I’ll be your accountability partner, too. I’ll help you stay on track so you hit those goals and milestones.


Start Your SEO Learning Journey Today

Compared to PPC campaigns, SEO doesn’t give people abrupt results. If you’re looking for something you can monitor in the next few days, you want to run online ads, not do SEO. However, if you’re tired of paying for expensive Google Ads because your market is too competitive, why not learn SEO skills worth tens of thousands in the global SEO industry? You’ll set up your website for long-term success, and you can gain incredible SEO skills in the process, too. 


start your seo journey and become your own expert.