How to Become a Great SEO Specialist This Year

Many people dream of learning SEO because they wish to change careers and become SEO specialists or SEO consultants.

The SEO industry has grown considerably in the past ten years. SEO is no longer ‘in the shadows’ as it is already recognized as an essential foundation of digital and inbound marketing.

Suppose you want to learn search engine optimization to be able to find a well-paying job in the SEO industry and express your passion for digital marketing. SEO is not going away any time soon because billions of people rely daily on the magic of search engines and the internet to find the information they need.

People use Google for all searches, from funny memes to finding a brain surgery specialist in their city. As a result, Google has become one of the largest repositories of human knowledge, and people expect to find answers when they type words on Google.


Why Learn SEO and Become an SEO Specialist?

The most significant factor here is the potential for a much higher income. SEO specialists earn a median of $49,000/month in the United States. SEO specialists who strike it out on their own and start an SEO company can earn much more.

While the income varies across regions, suffice it to say you can earn double or triple the average salary in your country by entering the SEO industry.

While no industry is super easy to penetrate, the demand for SEO specialists is always in the green. The industry is always open to knowledgeable professionals who want to take care of their client’s needs and give the industry a much better image for the benefit of everyone.


What’s the Best Way to Learn SEO?

A small percentage of SEO professionals self-learned search engine optimization and succeeded.

Hats off to these folks; they’ve dedicated a lot of time and patience to the process and are probably eager with SEO experiments, too. There’s no shortcut to learning SEO, and those who master it are often the ones who are fearless with conducting SEO experimentation to find out if their methods work or not.

However, self-studying search engine optimization may not be the best option, especially if you’re planning to apply for an SEO-related job in a company or want to speed up the process.

Signing up for one-on-one SEO training is the most efficient method of learning search engine optimization. Here at 1on1 SEO Training, we hold weekly online classes where I work with my students to address common SEO issues on their websites.

I think my teaching model is great for everyone because it’s hard to master something without application. It’s a lot like reading about how cars work, opening the hood, and discussing how the different parts come together to make the car run. SEO training is a lot like that, too.

Signing up for SEO coaching means I get to talk to you about my experiences and the methods you can use, and then you come away with homework (or two) that you can work on to practice the essential skills I’ve taught.

You’d need about 3 hours per week to study SEO seriously, so that’s 12 hours a month. Twelve hours monthly is the minimum. However, if you can dedicate more time to studying search engine optimization (especially after our weekly Zoom classes), that will be a great way to speed up the process, and I’m sure you’ll be an expert in no time.


Can You Learn SEO Even If You’re from Another Field?

Not everyone has a background in information technology or digital marketing. Many people who get into SEO are usually from other fields, so yes, don’t worry if you’re from a different industry.

So, whether you’re a fireman, nurse, teacher, or even nurse, you can certainly learn how to do search engine optimization. You can also level up and become an SEO specialist or SEO consultant if you envision yourself in that role in this new industry. Like any other industry, entering as a freshie will have its challenges, but those challenges are typical, and everyone experienced them, including me, more than 18 years ago. I have been an SEO scientist, coach, and consultant for almost two decades.

Did I find it easy when I first started? No. But that didn’t stop me, not at all. So I guess the best advice I can give anyone who wants to master this field is to do SEO daily.

SEO is a lot like practicing a musical instrument. Frequent practice is best. It must be on your mind daily so you feel motivated and energized to face challenges. Unfortunately, search engines don’t make it easy for SEOs to crack the code. They update their algorithms all the time. In one year, they implement hundreds of invisible changes to the search algorithm.

Many consumers don’t notice it because they get the information they need, and there’s no reward for examining how it was presented. To an SEO specialist, however, each component of a SERP is a possible clue as to whether there were any changes to the search algorithm.

When a website is hit by an algorithm change and loses its rank in SERPs, the SEO specialist examines what went wrong so that a remedy can be put in place; so, to the future SEO specialists, let me tell you, ladies and gents: an SEO specialist is a lot like a doctor working to cure ailing websites.

Websites that don’t comply with the best industry practices are ‘sick’ because they find it hard to rank on searches. If a website doesn’t rank, the business doesn’t flourish. Everyone needs exposure on the internet to be found by the right customers.

That big responsibility makes many SEO specialists curious and diligent almost 24/7. But you must shift gears and try something else because you can’t keep doing something if it has no visible impact on a website. That’s the best mindset when starting to learn SEO. And I can’t wait to start a class with you!


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