Why is Hiring an SEO Tutor Practical For Most Small Businesses?

Why is Hiring an SEO Tutor Practical For Most Small Businesses?

Running a digital business for the first time is confusing. Running a traditional business is already challenging – now you have to deal with competition, social media, and the king of the hill – SEO.

Search engine optimization has expanded so much in the past two decades that it no longer involves backlinks and quality citations. Viewed as an entire discipline, we can say that SEO is synonymous with ideal web development, content strategy, local optimization, etc. In short, SEO is everything that you do to make your business thrive on the internet.

These are the main reasons why it is 100% practical to work with a search engine optimization teacher. A personal SEO tutor can help you quickly overcome the common problems of establishing a working and viable business site. Many people think that because inbound marketing requires time and effort to work, it's like 'internet magic.'

It certainly is not. SEO coaches work from a well of knowledge and experience that you can't get from YouTube videos or books. Nothing compares to hands on experience and rigorous testing. Fortunately for everyone, SEO is something that you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Hiring a search engine optimization tutor also means you can directly ask questions and get answers that pertain to your site and its current issues. Applying fixes from other sites is a hit-and-miss approach. Why take the long route when you can ask an SEO expert directly?

Thrive with Personalized Classes

SEO tutoring sessions are 100% tailor-fit for you and your current level of experience. Since SEO experts have walked beginners' shoes in the past, they know how to pace the lessons, so students are not overwhelmed. Each business type requires a slightly different optimization approach, too.

A photography blog and an ecommerce site will be optimized differently. Students of search engine optimization also learn at different paces. Some are technologically inclined, which means they can more easily explore what's under the hood of their sites. Others didn't grow up with the internet, and everything is new to them. These aren't issues to an SEO tutor. Anyone can learn SEO at their pace.

For example, 1on1 SEO Training offers customized curricula to its students. A one-size-fits-all approach would make things more challenging for complete beginners. By customizing the curriculum and adapting to the student's needs, 1on1 SEO Training has taught marketing professionals, website designers, and SMB owners how to do SEO on their sites, on-page, and off-page. All the lessons can be directly applied to websites. An effective SEO tutor will avoid complex theory and coding that might increase the learning curve.

The best type of investment is always expert knowledge. To obtain this knowledge, you need to work closely with someone who has had many years of experience in the field. The goal is to develop a robust and functional skillset so that you can become an SEO expert in your own right.

What about SEO bootcamps?

Here's the big difference between working with a digital marketing tutor and signing up for a more expensive SEO bootcamp – your time is minimal. For the most part, the SEO bootcamp is going to present information and insights about other sites. What about your site's problems? There is no guarantee that you will apply that information to resolve specific issues on your site. For the most part, you will get particular theories on approaching SEO, but they leave that to you to apply the theory.

As for reading about SEO, there's a slim chance that beginners might succeed, but there are always unforeseen obstacles that prevent the complete application of the knowledge. In the end, the self-learner has to find his way around these obstacles, and that requires a lot of time and effort – and the clock is ticking on the business that needs more visibility, customers, and sales.

 What are the Advantages of an SEO Tutor?

Remember the person who taught you how to ride a bike or drive a car for the first time? Your first foray into SEO would feel like that when you have an SEO tutor at your side.

It's not going to be 100% easy, but your SEO tutor will be able to warn you when you're about to hit a bump on the road or some other obstacle. He will also tell you how to steer the vehicle (your site) and how to navigate increasingly complex problems related to search engine optimization. Some things can't be rushed, including learning SEO. You need to be able to absorb the concepts and the steps until they feel natural.

Customized lessons guarantee success. Your teacher will tailor-fit the studies and solutions, so they match your needs and the current state of the site to be optimized. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of getting lessons directly from an SEO tutor is having direct access to an expert.

Like any other field of study, SEO produces more questions as you go deeper into the discipline. If you are interested in learning subdisciplines like local optimization, you will likely have even more questions. Who's going to answer them? Your SEO tutoring expert will gladly handle them during your one-on-one sessions.

The learning doesn't stop when your coach signs off, either. Homework will help you practice the concepts and lessons.  

Your SEO tutor will use these assignments to gauge how well you are learning, which also determines the rate at which your site will be developed and optimized. This approach is very hands-on, and for those who genuinely want to learn, nothing beats working on your site directly with the help of an expert.

1on1 SEO Training also offers its students free SEO tools plus training, so you can continue implementing the right changes to your site for long-term success. As you learn and apply the lessons, you will also continuously save on digital marketing costs. No better investment helps you grow a digital business, full stop.


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