SEO Training Certifications

SEO Certifications in 2021

 This is the most current guide to SEO certifications in 2021. You're going to learn how SEO coaching certifications work, what they're all about, and alternatives to SEO certifications if you want to apply practical SEO knowledge more quickly and effectively.

 What is an SEO Certification?

Providers award SEO certifications to individuals who complete courses on the subject matter. Whether as independent SEO contractors or representatives of SEO agencies, people who work in the SEO industry often take SEO courses to show people that they know what they're doing. There are classroom-type SEO courses and online-based courses that you can finish from the comfort of your home. The costs and actual content of SEO courses vary from provider to provider. Some providers are well-known, while others are up-and-coming companies that provide different instructional courses.

SEO certifications can help people who want to make their CVs more impressive. Undergoing training formally is also a good idea if you're going to work as an SEO professional. SEO certifications can help improve your career, but they won't make you an instant SEO expert. No certificate can do that. Genuine expertise requires years of experience and an SEO coach or SEO mentor with a good track record.

A proper SEO expert has to have the following:

  1. Professional/working experience in SEO – There are many theoretical approaches to SEO. Still, the real experts have already sifted through the theory and mainly focus on practical methods that get the job done. Real-world SEO is all about applying the ideas you have learned and check which ones work and which ones don't.

  2. SEO success – Any SEO professional should readily provide evidence of SEO success in the past. Doing the work and knowing the theory is less than half the battle. The real struggle is getting results that you can show clients. This requirement applies to people with or without these SEO certifications.

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SEO Certifications in 2021

  1. Yoast Academy

Yoast Academy provides both free and paid/premium online courses to customers. You can sign up for free training, but you have to pay $89/year to get more in-depth studies. Yoast is a recognized company in SEO, and they provide tools and apps that work with WordPress to help optimize sites. The Yoast SEO Academy is an offshoot of its efforts and covers various topics for beginners and experts. The courses are comprehensive, easy to follow, and ideal for those who don't know much about SEO.


  1. ClickMinded

ClickMinded LLC provides multiple courses for people who want to learn about digital marketing and SEO, among other things. According to the company, people who have any desire to learn about SEO should enroll. The site also offers a special package for training teams, so companies or businesses with an SEO team will probably benefit if they start from scratch. ClickMinded's SEO class provides a certification service after you pass the final exam.

The ClickMinded SEO certification can also be linked and showcased on your LinkedIn profile. The present syllabus includes on-page SEO, keyword research, technical SEO, link building & authority, image optimization, mobile SEO, crawl path optimization, structured data and schema, analytics & "Not Provided," local SEO, international SEO, favorite tools, and services, and how to start a new site from scratch.


  1. MOZ Academy

Moz has been around for years and is one of the oldest providers of resources to folks who want to learn SEO. This is a highly respected company that provides an SEO certification course. The course lasts about six hours, and after six hours, you take an exam to become SEO certified. MOZ Academy provides specialized tools, but you can apply what you learn using other tools and apps used for SEO. MOZ Academy is separate from Moz Pro. The cost of the certification is $595 (one-off payment) for six hours of instruction.


  1. SEMRUSH Academy

SEMRUSH Academy offers the SEO Fundamental Exam, which is presided by Greg Gifford. This is a free certification exam, so it's a good stepping stone for beginners. Remember, however, there's a final exam, but you can take it as many times as you want. According to the site, you don't have to be afraid of failure. The course associated with the exam comprises eight modules. You will learn about local SEO, international SEO, link building, how SEO works in a mobile environment, on-page optimization, technical optimizations, and SEO basics.


  1. MarketMotive

MarketMotive provides various courses and certifications, including Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training. The online, 90-day bootcamp costs $999, while the self-paced learning system is $699 for 180 days of access. According to the company, their course provides "360-degree learning" on various SEO concepts, so the student can begin driving traffic to his site through SEO analytics, off-page optimization, on­-page optimizations, keyword research, etc. One key difference here from all the other certifications is they emphasize organic traffic on their page, while the other courses seem more theoretical.


Key Learnings

SEO certifications can teach you a few things about how SEO presently works. Getting SEO education is the first step to mastering SEO. By all means, learn what you can. However, it's also important to focus or zoom in on your actual goals. Are you getting these certifications so you can have fancy certificates to hang on your wall? Or do you have the desire to learn SEO because you want to work on your website, and you want your business to succeed?

1on1SEOTraining customizes its curricula based on the student's skill level, goals, and requirements.

Anyone can learn SEO. Start working on your site today and see improvements in your site SEO week after week, as you apply practical knowledge about SEO on your site, from images to the anchor tags. Invest in SEO smarts today and bring the rankings up of any number of sites – as many as you want – once you learn the essentials from your own SEO coach. 


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