When do you think that learning SEO would be the most helpful for a new business startup?

Here are some different points in a business startup timeline that you could get smarter about SEO and have it help your cause from the beginning.

In my opinion it could never be too early when considering how search engine optimization can help your new business.

Most business owners put their heads in the sand and go on like SEO doesn’t exist. I guess they must think that seeing their competitors continually coming up at the top of Google for the products or services that they offer is just bad luck on their part or somehow they are paying to be up on organic results.

1. When you are thinking about starting a new business.
2. While you are thinking about a new name to call your startup.
3. When buying a new domain name.
4. Before starting your new website and picking a web design team to help with that.
5. While you are editing and adding images for your new website.
6. When you are writing copy for your website pages.
7. After your new website officially gets launched.
8. When you start a new blog and are thinking of topics to write about.
9. While creating and building out your social media profiles.
10. When you are creating a press release announcing your new business.
11. When you realize website visitors and sales are not coming in as fast as you expected them to.
12. When you think all is lost in your new business because you have no new leads coming in or calling you.
13. When you try to sell your business because it is failing but can’t find any buyers because nobody knows it is for sale.

It has been my experience that in the real world most people pick #11, sometimes #7. ( that is when they usually call me at least :))

Entrepreneurs would have been so much further ahead if they had SEO in mind at spot #1, as soon as they had a new business idea!

With a little SEO research they could have forecasted if their business idea was viable one or not.

They could have found a business name that included what they do and have people remember what they do right from the start.

Having a keyword in your domain name is a ranking factor as well as the length of time you register it for.

I cringe when I hear that a company will get started with SEO as soon as their new website design is launched.  Wouldn’t it be way better if SEO was part of a new website design and baked in?

Learning the basics of SEO strategy is kind of like the secret ingredient that keeps people coming back for more, without it you will have to work harder for your business to be successful.

I know we can’t turn back time and change the past, but we can learn from it and get educated for the future.

The right time to get started Learning SEO is TODAY!