Foremost, if you’re seriously considering a career in search engine optimization, you need to be familiar with SEO job titles.

I’ve been working in SEO since 2004, and I’ve seen the landscape transform through the decades. I feel like I’m the CEO of SEO to some degree now because I’ve seen how the entire field has changed over the years.

Indeed, the only way to quickly learn all the skills needed to become a successful SEO professional is through one-on-one SEO training with a highly experienced and dedicated trainer who knows how to customize the curriculum depending on the student’s knowledge, skill level, and learning intents.

Search engine optimization is not like a single iceberg, it has different branches and subdisciplines, and it continues to evolve as digital marketing changes. SEO will continue to grow and change as long as the internet exists. This discipline isn’t just about optimizing pages anymore – it’s grown to have its own life, and this life is used to make the world a more meaningfully connected place.


SEO Analyst Training

An SEO analyst wears many hats. He works with different departments to develop a core content development strategy that aligns well with the company’s marketing objectives. Keyword-specific goals vary depending on the time of the year, the businesses’ marketing goals, and the different channels the business utilizes for digital marketing.

SEO analyst training involves learning how to optimize content after considering what the impact of the content should be. This is not a simple task, as digital marketing is rarely a straightforward process. However, companies expect an SEO analyst to quickly grasp the existing business model and online strategy and create continuity in the SEO side of things.


SEO Specialist Coaching

All SEO professionals begin as SEO specialists. This means every SEO professional should be an SEO specialist, too, at the core. Again, professionals in this field tend to wear many hats, but this role is the foundation of all the other roles.

The SEO specialist role is comparable to the Python programming language if you put SEO and computer science side-by-side. Of course, Python barely represents the entire breadth of critical programming languages today, but programmers have to be familiar with Python if they want to master Java, C++, and so on.

SEO specialist coaching will teach you how to audit, analyze, and change a site to become more optimized for web searches. You will learn how to optimize pages so the right pages surface during relevant searches, and people enjoy positive user experiences while on the site you’re working on.

Here’s where it sometimes gets confusing.

To be a good SEO specialist, you must also develop your digital marketing skills. This is a parallel development, where all your previous professional skills come together to understand how digital marketing and SEO are oriented in the grand world of the internet. You can’t avoid digital marketing because SEO arose from digital marketing. The industry considers SEO a digital marketing channel, on top of being an art and discipline.

If you do land a job as an SEO specialist, you may be given the following tasks and functions:

  •       Establish quantifiable objectives to measure the improvement of SEO efforts.
  •       Use SEO tools like Google Analytics to track daily KPIs.
  •       Collaborate with different individuals and departments to manage the overall SEO strategy. The various levels of marketing strategy must align with the SEO specialist’s work with the company.
  •       Some SEO specialists are also copywriters or content writers. These multi-skilled specialists can write high-quality content for sites and social channels. They can also write optimized page descriptions and titles. Continuously study, find, and optimize longtail keywords for inclusion on the company’s site and other digital properties.
  •       Investigate and apply suggestions for better SEO.
  •       Craft a link-building strategy for the site and put it into action.
  •       Apply effective internal linking, modify site architecture if needed and optimize the site for target keywords.
  •       Manage campaign costs while staying within budget. An SEO specialist should be adept at predicting monthly costs, investigating discrepancies, and keeping the SEO effort moving forward through good budget practices.

It is not uncommon for SEO professionals to end up managing an entire SEO project, which includes copywriting, content writing, outreach, web development, and web design.

  •       Collaborate closely with the web designers and developers to ensure that the best optimization strategies are used consistently.
  •       An SEO specialist may also collaborate with the marketing and editorial teams to enhance production and distribution.


SEO Executive Classes

SEO executive classes are perfect for SEO professionals who wish to take on a more managerial role when applying for SEO jobs. Our lessons will prepare you for the following functions and tasks once you are hired as an SEO executive:

  •       Working closely with different departments to identify and clarify business objectives.
  •       Examine the link-building strategies of SEO specialists and evaluate which ones need to be changed or updated. The SEO executive should be able to steer complex processes in the right direction; therefore, he should have top-notch managerial skills, to begin with.
  •       Examine how the SEO effort is contributing to ROI and other objectives. Different SEO approaches are depending on what the company needs or wants. For example, some companies want to scale, and therefore, they need more B2B leads. Other companies such as those in the global e-commerce sector need to be more competitive for product listings on search engines.
  •       Be knowledgeable of the latest trends in web applications, web design, web development on top of changes in online search. The SEO executive must live and breathe search technologies and digital marketing, so there are no blind spots, no gray areas that might cause SEO campaigns to fail.
  •       An SEO executive has fantastic time management skills because he has to handle so many duties at once. Nearly all of these duties require quick thinking and critical thinking. He will have to make crucial decisions that will significantly impact multiple individuals and sometimes even various departments.