An SEO Book for Everyone: Bruce Jones’ First Book Coming Soon

Bruce Jones, a seventeen-year veteran SEO consultant in inbound marketing and search engine optimization, will soon present his first book, Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them.

Learn SEO will be just one of many more books and possibly online course materials coming out this year and early next, as Bruce distills all the wisdom and experience of nearly twenty years in the SEO industry.

A Better Approach to Learning SEO—For All

SEO coaching and SEO education, in general, are always more accessible when the learner has a firm foundation of the right concepts and systems. However, as proper search engine optimization is not just about building backlinks, new learners must first be aware of the different parts of the whole that make SEO work in the digital marketing landscape.

SEO has become much more substantial than optimizers did two decades ago.

SEO has become a force to be reckoned with, and search engine optimization now functions as a strong scaffolding for different digital marketing channels, social media efforts, and even PPC campaigns.

It does sound ironic! But listen: PPC campaigns will yield much better results if the PPC managers and copywriters understand the task at hand from the perspective of search engine optimization. Why? Because SEO has grown beyond the boundaries of the backlink and the front-end. While these two remain crucial for improving a website’s SEO, they do not constitute the entire picture—in fact, they never were the entire picture, to begin with.

What Can You Learn from This Book?

Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them is perfect for anyone who wishes to achieve any or all the following objectives:

 1. Learn SEO for business and marketing

If you’ve been reading about SEO for years, you probably already noticed the gradual entry of SEO into other areas of digital marketing and the various methods of accomplishing things as a digital business. As one can hardly claim that one has a business without a website that people can find through search engines, SEO has become a singular driving force in driving organic traffic to countless businesses in the United States and globally. SEO is the first line of defense again zero-traffic months and even more worrying to business owners, zero-leads, and zero-sales months. Learn SEO’s central approach to SEO from the perspective of an SEO professional or website owner who wants to solve specific problems related to marketing the business. How do you connect with customers? What are customers even thinking about? Why does SEO now sound like digital marketing itself? That’s because it is one of the biggest channels for digital marketing today.

2. Understand Google’s shifting guidelines for quality content and how these affect your website.

Google’s updates are the stuff of legends (and nightmares) in the SEO world. Simply put, Google doesn’t want SEOs to win. Their primary business is selling ads. That’s why they create complex guidelines and change how they rank content because they don’t want people cracking the code. Instead, learning SEO focuses on what works and has worked for two decades.

The foundation of Google’s ongoing advocacy for great content is at the heart of the algorithm changes, on top of other ranking factors. Bruce Jones’ first book uncovers the nearly invisible consumer and content trends that drive changes in Google’s keyword database and their monitoring of online trends.

The raw data is always there. The analytics is always there. But how do you take that raw data, create an SEO strategy, and produce actionable steps to improve your website’s SEO?

Learn SEO’s comprehensive discussions of Google content quality guidelines and how they figure into content marketing strategies are a must-read for people who have never fully gotten into the process. This book is for you if you don’t have a content strategy yet this coming year and have not tried content audits for old website content.

3. Demystify backlinks, backlink campaigns, and how these connect with branding on the internet.

There are countless articles on backlinks, and there is no shortage of people saying you need to get backlinks to get better SEO results. However, it would help if you still had a framework to guide your backlink strategy.

Otherwise, you may find yourself in some shady corner of the internet, thinking hard if you should say yes to a link-exchange scheme with a website that claims that it does it all the time with no negative results.

Backlink campaigns are critical for the long-term viability of websites in incredibly competitive markets. Learn SEO provides the backdrop of backlink campaigns for SEO and teaches you the correct way to obtain them and what the links mean for a business once you’ve acquired them.

4. Fully understand the role of keywords in SEO.

Many resources tend to oversimplify keywords because they don’t want to discuss what’s behind the need to research keywords: yes, it’s the content strategy. But before you can write great content for on-page and off-page use, you must first understand what keyword research entails. Professional keyword research involves several phases, and the data you get from keyword research must be used in conjunction with your other inbound marketing channels. Learn SEO answers questions related to content authority, content leadership, choosing topics, using keywords in the content, and so much more.

5. Appreciate the foundations of technical SEO.

People throw around “technical SEO” a lot, too. However, Learn SEO ensures that your introduction to technical SEO is not jarring but fully aligned with the primary objectives of search engine optimization, which is to create the best website, content, and a healthy network of connections that promote your brand and increase readership and credibility.

As the sole method of sustainable, organic growth on the internet, SEO must be pragmatic and practical to work well. Technical SEO is not just ‘technical’ because you go under the WordPress hood. It is technical because natural language processing and AI are now factors.

“Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them” is coming soon; stay tuned! 


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