Recent breaking keywords related to coronavirus and marketing /coronavirus seo.

Hi, I wanted to offer my help and support for businesses that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. I understand that some of you may not know how to edit your Google my business profile to update your hours or to be able to put an alert on the homepage of your website that explains to your customers what to expect or how to get in touch with you now.  

When it comes to what keywords to optimize for I suggest that you don’t use the normal keyword tools like a ahrefs, Moz or Semrush but look to Google Trends as you see in the screenshots below. Some of the key words like coronavirus marketing or coronavirus SEO are flying off the charts and the standard keyword research tools that has SEO experts are used to using they’re not showing up there yet.

I understand that all of the professionals might use keywords like Covid 19 but as you see below that is not how the general population is searching in Google.  We can leverage that type of knowledge for your business.

I have a little bit of spare time on my hands and I’m happy to help a few businesses that could really use the help and don’t have any resources in place to help with this at the moment. 

Use my contact form and I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule a call.

Here are some suggestions from Google:!/

difference in searches coronavirus covid-19 start of coronavirus keywords in Google Trends

coronavirirus marketing keywords trends