SEO Training For Business Coaches

Executive coaches and business trainers are some of the professionals that we frequently work with at 1ON1 SEO Training to develop search engine optimization skills and overall digital marketing knowledge. As always, our one-on-one training sessions are tailored to the student and their field of practice, which is why our vast experience with different kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs is essential. 

As a small business owner and business coach myself, I understand the complexities of the business and how crucial having the right digital strategy is in this competitive market. And while your coaching website certainly needs SEO to tap into its full potential and get discovered by potential clients, the best investment that you can really make is to learn how to utilize your website and the internet more generally to build up your business. 

SEO classes and digital marketing lessons to improve your coaching business

When people look for coaching and training services, they are likely to turn to Google. Thus, the best way to gain clients is to make sure that you are visible to them in search engines and that the web page they click to is an accurate depiction of your business. Our custom curriculums include training on facets of digital marketing that are determined by your wants and needs. Some of the common training for coaches includes: 

Keyword and competitor research: You will have the opportunity to work side by side with your SEO coach to understand the importance of crucial SEO concepts such as keywords and competitor research. These lessons will teach you what to look for on your own website as well as those of competitors, analyze, and adjust accordingly. They also teach you the importance of keywords and how to do research on important keywords and trends so that you use the right words to convert customers. 

Targeted services pages: Learn how to market your services correctly, both for website visitors as well as for Google. On-page SEO training includes teaching you how to use your website correctly to attract, inform, and convert visitors and get you new clients. Special attention is given to your services pages, as well as other major elements of your website. 

Content creation: SEO training can also guide you when it comes to the ever so important task of creating content for your website (and other places on the Internet) that is diverse, interesting, and most importantly will get you in front of prospective clients. This includes blog creating and maintenance, which every executive coach or business trainer should have on their site. 

Off-site SEO: 1ON1 SEO training teaches you how off-site SEO works and just how much of a difference you can make in your rankings and visibility based off of elements that are not on your website or in your name. This includes backlinks, guest blogging, directories, and more. 

Be the coach that everyone wants to hire 

Gain credibility in your field by having a website and digital presence that backs up the quality you are selling. Before you go out to help others, help yourself by learning how to manage your own digital strategy, thus empowering you and your business. With 1ON1 SEO Training, you can get the strong marketing strategy that you need, plus the added benefit of learning how to do effective marketing for yourself, saving you time and money in the long run. Learn more about our services through a free consultation with our SEO coach.