Like all businesses, contractors and construction companies need to have a good website, good search engine optimization, and overall good Internet marketing in order to get ahead in today’s competitive market. By hiring an SEO coach for personalized search engine optimization training, you will equip yourself with the necessary tools for succeeding in attracting potential customers and converting them into clients. 

SEO training is ideal for construction companies, as these businesses rely heavily on search engines for gaining business, and as a service providing company need a very strong brand image in order to attract customers. The one on one SEO training classes are also a good means of establishing a marketing strategy, since most builders, construction and remodeling companies are local, small businesses in which owners and partners must master multiple roles in the business. Learning how to do SEO for yourself will allow for you to continuously make improvements and be in charge of your marketing strategy, for a fraction of the price. 

Key digital marketing strategies for remodeling and construction companies 

1ON1 SEO Training’s courses designed for construction companies will provide you with all of the necessary tools to get higher rankings in Google and start seeing results with more leads and potential clients. We will work side by side with you to not only teach you the principles of SEO, but actually implement them into your strategy and website so that you can see results as soon as possible. Some of the topics we cover include:  

On-site SEO: Starting with you website, your SEO coach will teach you how to do keyword research and utilize your findings for maximal benefit on your website, create powerful content including a blog and services pages, and optimization for each of your pages through different elements such as back-page features and images. We also explain which tools you need to report on and execute all of these strategies. 

Off-site SEO: Make changes to your online marketing strategy by working off of your website. With backlinks, directories, guest posting, competitor analysis, and other SEO tactics, you can increase your rankings and authority on the Internet. 

Local SEO: Local search engine optimization is of growing importance these days, especially for the construction and building sectors, and contractor sector in general. You can learn how to use Google My Business and other Local SEO tools to your advantage in order to increase brand visibility, build your reputation, and get in front of your target audience. 

Technical SEO: Aside from what Internet viewers can see, there are also technical SEO skills that you must have in order to maintain your site and digital marketing program. Lessons on technical SEO may include mobile friendly and responsive website training, loading time corrections, and other insights. 

Get noticed by Google and your customers

We will work with you to research and discover just what your construction company’s digital marketing strategy should be to help improve business and client conversion. Then, we will teach you how it is done so that your team can take matters into their own hands and do SEO for themselves. Create a custom digital marketing plan with us by scheduling a free consultation with our SEO expert.