SEO Coaching – Turn Your Business Into a Google Success Story

 You've probably read about Google success stories – of businesses who found themselves growing and profiting at an incredible rate, well past what they envisioned in the beginning. Since the internet is unlimited, we can also say that the potential for growth and sales is also infinite.

What is SEO Coaching?

SEO coaching is a practical way to learn search engine optimization. Students or mentees will learn about on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO in a practical and easy-to-grasp way. On the opposite end is self-learning SEO, which requires a lot of exposure to theory.

While the theory is lovely, getting from point A to point B will take a lot longer – perhaps months, and sometimes even years.

An SEO coach is more than a teacher. He will be tasked with teaching you how SEO works and measuring your progress, monitoring the practical application of the steps you are taking, and improving the overall strategy to reach your goals. Coaches are also accountability partners, ensuring that you are attaining objectives and putting the work in so you will succeed.

SEO goals differ depending on what your business needs now, so the classes will also have to be tailor-fit depending on your knowledge, experience, and what you are interested in doing.

Another advantage of SEO coaching online is learning different kinds of optimization at a comfortable pace. SEO is not a race, and nothing about it is lightning-fast. Progress takes time, but you will see progress soon enough if you perform the right steps and in the correct order. In a competitive market, some strategies will get you on top of listings. These strategies include content marketing for organic traffic, optimizing business profiles and business directory listings, managing your Google My Business profile, and more.

What's incredible about SEO is that it has a synergistic element. What you do off-site will have an impact on-site. Off-site activity can be just as important as what you modify and publish on your site. The big question is how you can prioritize the countless steps. Where do you focus first? Which modifications and optimizations are most important? The SEO coach will guide you through the initial confusion and lay a step-by-step process that applies to your site, specifically.


Does SEO Coaching Work?

Off the bat, SEO coaching is much more effective than self-learning SEO. Here's why: self-learning search engine optimization means you will be reading online content, books and watching videos about SEO.

There are also self-paced courses on the subject matter. If you get the material from a reputable company, you will probably learn the basics. Learning SEO is a bit like learning how to drive. You will be taught how the steering wheel works, the pedals, and so on. But when do you turn the key to go?

That's up to you. After learning the basics, you're on your own when you are ready to turn the key. And like driving, there is some risk of 'crashing' when you do SEO with only theory. In addition, not all approach works, and sites and markets function differently depending on the business. In short, there is no guarantee that idea will boost what you already know about SEO, much less improve results.

SEO coaches are different.

SEO coaches, especially those with over a decade of experience working with different companies, have valuable knowledge of what works, given the current digital marketing landscape.

For example, search engine technologies are constantly updated, and search algorithms have changed so much that they were nearly unrecognizable from their humble beginnings some two decades ago.

The guidance of an SEO coach ensures that you won't be wasting time on strategies that will bring zero returns. But, of course, we all want to get good results. And what do you do if you are unsure what to do? You get an SEO consultant – plain and simple.


What Will I Learn in SEO Coaching?

On-Page Optimization

When we talk about on-page optimization, we refer to all of the things that can be done within the website to help it rise in the search results. But, unfortunately, on-page optimization does not have a standardized, universally recognized workflow.

If you want to boost your SEO game, you'll need two things: regular monitoring and analysis.

If your SEO strategy is not focused on goals and isn't built on an in-depth analysis of what's causing the drop in rankings, optimizing the structure or content will do little to help achieve those goals.

Optimizing without a solid plan can produce the opposite effect. Some SEO efforts can inadvertently harm the stability of rankings.

Off-Page Optimization

The term "off-page SEO" refers to any SEO work done away from your website to boost your position in search engine results. Google's algorithm uses your online presence to rank different pages and content. Therefore, it's essential to know which websites are mentioning your brand and in what context, to gauge the quality of your content.

Off-page SEO is essentially a record of the people talking about your business.

When blog posts and pages are referenced by websites with high topical and domain authority, the citations help increase the credibility of your content. This is called link juice. Your website will obtain more organic traffic and better search engine rankings because of the value that links pass along.

Local SEO

Increasing the search visibility of local businesses to serve their communities better is known as local SEO.

Companies with multiple service locations benefit the most from local SEO, though any business should know how to do it. Different tactics are used in local SEO to improve a business's position in local SERPs when users type local keyword phrases in Bing or Google.

Essentially, the search engine uses the location based on device signals to generate local results. If your business already uses an organic SEO strategy, you may wonder why local SEO is still necessary. The truth is you may already be deploying local SEO without knowing it.



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