How To Marketing Your Small Business In Only One Hour A Week

Getting your small business noticed just might be easier than you think: Try one on one SEO training and see how you can gain clients with just one hour per week. 

Oftentimes, when I see a small business that isn’t investing into marketing the way they should be, it isn’t because they didn’t know marketing was essential. Instead, it is because creating a marketing strategy seems like a daunting task when you don’t have an effective one in place, and businesses are often reluctant to make such a big move. A lot of small businesses are spinning their wheels when it comes to marketing because they do not have a strategy in place. 

However, I am here to tell you that marketing really isn’t as hard as one might think. There are a few easy steps that can really change the entire direction of your marketing strategy, with less time, money, and effort than most would think. 

My small business, 1on1 SEO Training, is all about empowering you with the digital marketing tools that you need to get your plan towards success in place. That is because, in the end, every business needs to have a mission plan and a schedule. 

Marketing cannot be an after thought; otherwise it will never get the time and attention needed to succeed. 

Creating a Plan for Success

My one on one SEO training program begins with an analysis of your business: where you are and where you want to go. Then, we built a roadmap together of what needs to be done. It is only then that the real SEO work can be done, especially if you are hoping to do SEO and marketing for yourself.  And with that, just one hour of your time each week following the action plan will get you the results you always dreamed of.

Hour 1

The first hour on your action plan will be dedicated to claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile. Claiming your GMB is essential if you ever plan on getting on Google’s good side. Once it is claimed, verified and all yours, we will begin by making sure that your profile has all basic elements filled in and gives your potential clients everything he needs to learn about, and then buy from or work with, your company. 

This includes:

  • Making sure that you name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correct

  • Updating business hours and other business details,

  • Adding relevant pictures and videos,

  • Setting up and replying to customer reviews,

  • Adding blog posts, regularly,

  • And more. 

Hour 2

The next lesson dives into Google Analytics and Google Search Console and ensures that they are connected to your website. The reason behind this is that you cannot improve what you don’t measure. By setting up different sorts of analysis and tracking, you can actually see your progress and the direct results of different actions. Then, we regroup and redirect as needed. 

Google Analytics: Your website serves as the hub of all of your Internet presence and traffic. Analytics looks at four large categories of digital traffic: user level, session level, pageview level, and action level. These statistics are actually collected by Google, and all concern user behavior at some level, whether it is before they access your site or after. 

Google Search Console: The search console is another tool offered by Google which monitor’s your websites presence in Google’s search results where you can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot. With a bit of training on how to use Google Search Console, you can stay on top of any technical errors that could stop your site from getting the best ranking possible, and then fix indexing issues as they come up.

Hour 3

In our next hour together, we will want to review on-page SEO and make adjustments. On-page SEO is the optimization that is done directly on your website, as evidenced through text, titles, tags, images, and more. We can also create additional content, construct your blog, fix and optimize images, improve web design, and more. The improvements to be made will be largely customized to you business’ needs. 

We can together build a checklist of on-page SEO that needs to be done, go through how to do it, and then on your own time you can do the rest of your pages, as well as apply the checklist to any new pages that are created in the future. We can also build-out or consolidate your website depending on its current situation. 

Hour 4 and beyond

Each week, we will be adding a Google My Business post to your Google page, which will boost not only SEO, but also your value in the eyes of Google. This process involves the creation of special posts to be published on your GMB, similar to an ordinary blog post. Creating content on a regular basis and posting consistently is very important in SEO and digital marketing, so this frequent posting both on your website in the blog section and in the Google posts is important. This is especially true for Google Posts, which are up for only 7 days. 

In addition, we will add your website to a new directory every week. Directories are valuable for a few reasons, but mainly to get you backlinks. However, be warned – having a lot of backlinks isn’t enough; rather, you need to have quality backlinks, as this is much more valuable than having a plethora of useless ones. We will check for your backlinks and go through the list, eliminating those that are harmful and making sure that you add to the list with links that have value. 

Getting Started on your Marketing Plan 

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot to get started on your SEO and digital marketing; one hour a week is all you need. Of course, if you have more than an hour, it is even better. But, if all you have to devote to your business’ SEO is one hour, then we can make it happen. Sign up with 1on1 SEO Training to lean how, and see results in no time! 


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