There are many different keyword research tools available online, some are free and some have a monthly fee.

In our one to one classes we’re only going to focus on the free keyword tools that are available and work well in my opinion.

That way after our SEO classes you can continue to practice keyword research and it won’t cost you anything.

Some paid tools like Moz, SEMRush, Web CEO and Ahrefs offer free trials where you get to use their tools for a few days.  I suggest trying these out but not until you understand the concepts of good keyword research first.  The paid tool I would spend my money on is ahrefs.

Keywords Everywhere

A paid keyword tool that you add to Chrome or Firefox as an extension.  If you sign up for $10 you will have many queries to use for your research.  By far the best $10 I have ever spent in SEO.


Hats off to Neil Patel for creating what I consider the best free keyword research tool I have found to date.  You do not get all the data but you get enough to make intelligent decisions.

Keyword Shitter

If you like long lists of somewhat related keywords you will love this tool but as the name applies the keyword quality is not there.  Try it once and then forget you ever heard of it.  Lol

Wordtracker Scout

Tag cloud of what keywords are found on a certain web page.  I use it to get a quick idea of what a web page is all about.

Google Trends

Want to compare a few keywords and see what ones are search for more often?  This is a great comparison tool.

Answer The Public

Find out what questions people are asking online related to a specific topic.

Feel free to suggest your favorite keyword research tool in the comments below.