1ON1 SEO Training: Like Telehealth for Your Website

Is your website sick? Website owners typically feel something wrong with their website a few months after launch. After the initial flurry of activity from friends and acquaintances checking out the brand-new website, website traffic tapers off and sometimes drops to zero on some days. If you are a business owner who relies on generating leads or sales with your website, zero traffic is a cause for concern.

SEO coaching or SEO training is like teletherapy for your website.

When you sign up for SEO coaching services, you essentially accompany your website to an SEO clinic where causes of concern can be addressed, hand in hand, with your new therapist.' Not sure what could be wrong with your website? Many common issues prevent search engines and people from finding websites in any market, including:

1.Bot traffic

2.Spammy referring domains

3.Low traffic from your intended audience

4.Issues with UTM parameters

5.Site speed issues

6.Thin content

7.Outdated and possibly malfunctioning WordPress plug-ins

8.CSS and JavaScript errors

9.Navigational issues

10.4xx and 5xx errors

It would help if you attempted to tackle each SEO problem individually, no matter how many. Maybe it's unrealistic to expect perfection the first time around. However, ignoring them will lead to even more trouble in the future. Working on some today with the help of teletherapy for your website is 100% better.

Do you need an SEO agency for that?

You can undoubtedly begin optimizing your website in a week or so if you have the time and patience to learn new SEO skills.

The Psychology of SEO

The psychology of SEO is simple: you must be willing to conduct SEO experiments to see if you can fix website problems. Unfortunately, search engines like Google will not reveal how their algorithms work and how precisely they rank websites.

They'd have no business left if they shared their secrets.

The beautiful thing about SEO is that it's practically unlimited in scope. You can tweak or modify any aspect of your website to improve your website's SEO. Search engine optimization thrives with an open mindset and a thirst for experimentation.

I have hundreds of different SEO experiments running at any time as an SEO consultant. Weekly, I share SEO strategies that I have learned through countless past experiments with my students.

As someone who might be interested in learning search engine optimization, you probably have a certain anxiety about making changes to your website. What if something breaks? What if you make a mistake? And my answer is straightforward: you'd have to do something terrible to your website to make it look so bad to Google that it would disappear. What could be worse is if your website has almost no traffic and you're not getting any sales; every other effort you exert to improve your website is a step in the right direction.

Common Website Problems That Need Your Attention Today

SEO as teletherapy for your website may sound unusual, but there's no better way to describe how search engine optimization works. SEO addresses common problems that make websites underperform. It's not the end if you have an underperforming website. If you don't want to work with an SEO agency, your alternative option is to gain SEO smarts. Below are common website problems that smart SEO can address:

Your Brand is Disconnected from Your Audience

Many people don't know that a big part of SEO involves bringing new brands closer to their intended audience. You can improve brand awareness and recall from the insights you gain from implementing an SEO strategy.

If your brand has evolved over the years and people aren't visiting your website as often, it's time to optimize it.

Brand optimization via SEO often involves an extensive offsite campaign that spreads the word about your business and its offerings. Essentially, you will be reintroducing your business to your audience.

You'll also need to launch a content campaign to attract more website visitors.

You then measure the results and adjust the SEO strategy based on the data. As for the on-page effort, you will be relying heavily on the expertise of an expert web designer to ensure that your website is just as navigable and accessible as it was before.

A website's overall design should also complement what your customers should do when they land on your website. For example, if you offer wine sample boxes, it should be super easy to sign up for the service from the homepage.

Your Website is Hard to Navigate

Website navigation isn't the shiniest feature of a website, but customers will know that yours is underdeveloped when they can't find what they need. Website navigation tells web visitors where they are, where they should be headed based on their intent for visiting your website, and where they can go if they're looking for more information.

Website navigation can't be hiccups as customers quickly get frustrated. When customers get frustrated, they leave and find a better website. If this becomes a trend on your website, you will get fewer repeat visitors, new customers, and sales.

Lousy navigation can also cause higher bounce rates, negatively impacting your website's performance on Google and other search engines.

The good news is that once you fix your website navigation and create new landing pages, any visitor can navigate your website quickly and have a much better experience. They will, in addition, turn to your website the next

Your Website Isn't Mobile Friendly

We're approaching a time when nearly all search traffic comes from mobile devices. Everything's 'mobile' now; even Windows 11 has adopted an interface similar to what mobile users are used to. So naturally, people will expect the same when they visit websites.

Mobile readiness revolves around responsive design and formatting your content to make it easier for readers to connect with your content. If your website doesn't even resize properly and the buttons are too small to press, you're not in an excellent position to get more customers (yet). 


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