So you must be an entrepreneur looking for some marketing help, congratulations on your new business startup.

I bet you are looking for ways to find new customers or some help researching what people are searching for online to help decide on a business model for your small business startup.

We offer one to one entrepreneurship training in search engine optimization.  You sign up for our monthly SEO training classes and we meet online one hour a week to go over educating you on SEO strategy and good inbound marketing tactics.  We don’t just speak about hypothetical businesses but we work with you on your business.

If you don’t have a running business yet and you just have a new business idea that’s an even better spot to start learning SEO.entrepreneur training seo choices

A little seo training can go along way with helping you to decide on a good business name, domain name for your website and identifying what problems your new business could solve related to what people are searching for in Google.

As I was crafting this post I was doing some keyword research myself related to SEO training for entrepreneurs.

Here are the number of times people search Google every month for these phrases below.  I used that knowledge in the strategy of how I wrote this post.  We can do the same for you related to your own business model and your own website.

  • entrepreneurship training – 1,600 Google searches per month – 33,000 SEO competitors
  • entrepreneurship training courses – 260 Google searches per month – 592 SEO competitors
  • training for entrepreneurs  – 1,600 Google searches per month – 7,750 SEO competitors
  • entrepreneur classes – 1,300 Google searches per month – 690 SEO competitors
  • entrepreneur courses – 5,400 Google searches per month – 1,950 SEO competitors

You can take a different angle also related to different SEO services type of searches.

  • seo for entrepreneurs – 0 Google searches per month –  1,610 SEO competitors
  • marketing for entrepreneurs – 2,400 Google searches per month –  76,000 SEO competitors
  • inbound marketing for entrepreneurs – 10 Google searches per month – 155 SEO competitors
  • search engine optimization for entrepreneurs – 0 Google searches per month – 324 SEO competitors

By the way getting these numbers was easy if you know how, I used a free keyword tool and a special Google search that told me how many pages used that keyword in their title tag.  These will be one of the first things I’ll teach you in our classes once we cover SEO strategy & target audiences.

Can I tell you if that will be in class #2 or class #6?  No, because all of our SEO classes are personalized to your business needs and your learning pace.

But I can tell you that we’ll continue to go over these items until you “get it”  Not like other SEO courses where you hope to keep up will all the new terms and concepts thrown at you.

For more info check out this article on Entrepreneur Magazine about SEO for entrepreneurs and why it is so important for their startup businesses.   Click Here

Will SEO training work for all entrepreneurs and all different kinds of startups? Most likely but lets have a conversation to go over your ideas and I’ll explain our way of teaching in more detail and see if we’re a good fit.

Does SEO really work at all? Well, you happened to have found this page somehow so that might answer your question.

Get Started Learning SEO Today

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